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    Well, I was absent because I was happy to make the thread die, but apparently people feel the need to have the thread end on a flippant remark.

    Let me bring everyone back up to speed...

    (1) The USB on PlayBook broke within the warranty period even though I never abused the port and RIM did not stand by their product, they wanted me to pay the replacement cost of a PB. In my opinion, handling a device while it is plugged in is not an unusual thing to do. That is my opinion, deal with it. The port wears out because the charger that comes with the unit uses the USB port and the port is poorly designed. The poor design is related to the industry standard for the port, but it is also seemingly caused by the particular hardware that was RIM selected.

    (2) Others in this thread have helped confirm some things. A material number of people have also experienced this problem and the problem occurs early for some individuals. Also, according to testimonials here, some people can abuse their USB ports without any problems and this variation indicates a quality control issue.

    (3) The user-community here has as it's only defense that It is easy to unwittingly break the port and therefore it is the user's fault (Therac-25 anyone?). If experienced users start breaking devices by either handling units while plugged in or inserting cables upside-down, then it is like Apple telling people they need to hold their phones differently to make phone calls. (Oh wait, that's not what Apple did. They apologized profusely, held someone accountable, and offered a solution at no cost.)

    (4) The USB and HDMI ports on PlayBooks are effectively not covered under warranty unless they were proved defective at purchase. YMMV but unless you know how to run the RMA gauntlet just right, then you won't get it fixed for free. Others have indicated costs of $50 and up (including myself, where the cost was $99.)

    (5) The original purpose of my post was to highlight why there are so many die-hard haters here: I believe RIM has created a legion of their own worst enemies by constantly disappointing and disrespecting die-hard loyalists by ignoring them, failing to build a proper report with them and constantly misrepresenting availability of new products. Additionally, I posted this publicly in the hopes to bypass the marketing department at RIM (where do you think theins@rim.com really goes?) and maybe garner the attention of someone who can do something about RIM in general. I did not post here in the hopes that someone was going to call me to fix my tablet for free, although I have to admit that would be impressive.

    (6) To highlight the problem that RIM will experience for the BB10 release: in the past two weeks alone, I have dissuaded at least a half-dozen people from considering BlackBerry as a potential brand of tablet or mobile phone with the mere statement: "I am currently not satisfied with how RIM has handled my complaint with a broken product." In all cases, these people immediately implied that this was all they needed to summarily dismiss the BlackBerry brand. Additionally, everyone I know in my age group does not use BlackBerry for their own personal needs, nor would they recommend one. I am the last hold-out of the people I know. I *was* willing to wait for a BB10 phone, but as previously mentioned in other posts, I can upgrade now and after this experience with RIM, I will not be waiting for the BB10 release. I think to be a good brand, RIM should understand this is occurring and show that they care, but so far I don't see how anyone could make that claim with a straight face. This is my personal experience, and it is anecdotal, make of it what you will.
    For those who keep on asking why this thread exists, I will reference my previous summary on the matter.
    12-04-12 09:01 AM
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    oh, now i get it for sure, thanks sooooooooooo much..........
    12-04-12 10:00 AM
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    12-04-12 10:58 AM
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    Am I missing something?
    What does this have to do with the thread topic or the OP's claims?
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    12-04-12 11:48 AM
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    Also, BB10 is right around the corner. We're sorry that you've had to wait years for it, but to be honest, we're not sorry. We'll blame the design delays on vendor sourcing problems that don't apparently exist even though we don't have a product to release anyway.
    The vendor sourcing claim was a bald-faced lie stated repeatedly by the former CEOs and disproved when the truth was revealed. Research In Motion deserves absolutely zero loyalty from the many current and former BlackBerry product users. As for BlackBerry OS 7 it was a stop-gap renamed from the unreleased BlackBerry OS 6.1 and was solely intended to placate the very user base to whom Research In Motion had been promising BlackBerry OS 10 only to subsequently announce the first of many product delays. January 30, 2013, is a day that will "live in infamy" unless Research In Motion can deliver the goods.
    12-04-12 12:30 PM
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    To answer the original question: It's NOT so many BB Hating trolls, it's so many Apple/Android hating BB FANBOYS. These fanboys are filled with so much hate, or guilt, that they make false statements about the other platforms, JUST TO STROKE THEIR EGOS, AND THOSE OF THEIR FELLOW FANBOYS. Just my personal opinion, and have a nice day.
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    12-04-12 12:44 PM
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    get overit,buy the magnetic charger. I never use usb port.
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    12-04-12 12:49 PM
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    I have two PB's and have had a single issue with either ones USB port, and I bought my first one when they just came out. I also own a BB phones with no issues. so what no other devices brake down. my daught in law has an android she can't charge because of the usb port.

    I stick with my BB's and PB's thank you.
    12-04-12 01:12 PM
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    get overit,buy the magnetic charger. I never use usb port.
    I never do on my phones that have other options.
    Why so many BB hating trolls?  An open letter to Thorsten Heins-imageuploadedbytapatalk1354646887.229774.jpg

    Sent from my iPhone 4S using Tapatalk
    12-04-12 01:48 PM
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    I actually know how the op feels. But not because of a broken device. However, I do have a PlayBook with a broken USB port. I'm not mad about that though. I've never bought a PlayBook. RIM gave me a few PlayBooks for apps I've developed and my attendance at RIM events. So nope not why I'm mad.

    I was a big time RIM fanboy that defended them to the point of becoming annoying to my friends and family. I mad a royal @$$ out of myself on more than one occasion trying to convince people to go back to RIM's products. Then all of that changed after the latest BB10 delay.

    The reason why? During last year's BlackBerry World event, I attended the CEO question and answer session. It allowed members of the press the opportunity to ask TH questions. During that session we heard 'calendar year 2012' more than once. Later at the event at the party I actually spoke to TH face to face I shook his hand and asked him 'no more delays?' He looked me straight in the face and said 'calendar year 2012'. I asked for a hug and we embraced. Lol

    A few weeks later BB10 gets delayed till 2013. Are we supposed to believe that something that significant changed that soon? Nah he know during BB world that it wasn't going to happen. The delay wasn't a short one. It was a delay of 6-9 months. There is no possible way he thought BB10 would actually launch in calendar year 2012. So he lied to all of us. He lied directly to my face without batting an eye. So meh RIM deserves most of the hate they've received. And getting rid of Mike and Jim didn't make much of a difference. At this point, I can't understand why loyal fanboys like I used to be still exist. RIM as a company simply isn't deserving of that kind of loyalty.

    I wouldn't consider myself a hater. I'm now just more knowledgeable of the alternatives.
    12-04-12 02:39 PM
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    For those who keep on asking why this thread exists, I will reference my previous summary on the matter.
    And another duck from Mr Chicken SH*& ...
    12-04-12 03:06 PM
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    ok there is nothing productive coming from this thread anymore. Everyone find better things to do like Christmas shopping for CB mods
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    12-04-12 03:33 PM
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