01-07-14 02:48 PM
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  1. DjDante's Avatar
    Wow, wonderful store displays.
    The retail signage looks nice.

    Anyway, I'm curious, what's new in Walmart store advertising this 2014?
    Really?, what a way to wake up a dead thread.

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    01-07-14 08:23 AM
  2. bekkay's Avatar
    Thanks and like.

    I was hoping someone would get pictures of this.

    Wow, just wow. Everyone is going to see those signs. I pray they do this in the USA. This makes the super bowl ad look like a billboard on the side of the road.
    I have AT&T BlackBerry ads/posters/signs (Z10 and Q10) all over the local mall here in a smaller town in Indiana and in shopping centers in Indy. The ads have been there at least since the launch of BB10 devices.

    To be honest, I've always been baffled when I read there is zero advertising of BlackBerry products.

    I will post photos once this cold weather is gone. Can't force myself to go out now.
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    01-07-14 02:48 PM
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