1. acebravo99's Avatar
    <quote>As I mentioned in my previous article, Smartphone market is not RIM’s only game to play. We are beyond Smartphone for phone calls, texting, messaging and emails. The Blackberry BB10 is already positioned to lead the next revolution of connected ecosystems. Tap-To-Pay Smartphones has been a dream for a while, RIM’s Blackberry BB10 will make it a reality. It seems true that the Blackberry experience is Re-designed. Re-engineered. Re-invented.</quote>

    RIM Blackberry Near Field Communication NFC Beyond Mobile Payments
    12-14-12 07:35 AM
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    Yes. Analysts often say that RIM is going to lose service revenue. But it looks like RIM is going to more than compensate for lost service revenue (if any) by launching and charging for new services such as NFC based payment processing via their network. If a lot of people start using their smartphones for payments, this revenue could easily eclipse the service revenue they generate from BIS usage fee.
    12-14-12 10:47 AM

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