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    United Nations: For pity's sake don't use your iPhone in your car ? The Register
    The International Telecommunications Union (ITU, the telecoms agency of the United Nations) has published a very short whitelist mobile phones which are properly compatible with car kits.

    The phones have been tested to an exacting specification which defines the mechanical mouth used, the mechanical ear and brings scientific rigour to the measurements. The ITU covers both Narrowband and Wideband in separate documents each of over 100 pages. The testing used a network simulator and looked to check that handsets obeyed the protocol for working with car kits by switching off all digital signal processing. This leaves the cars hardware to do the audio jiggery-pokery.

    No cars are used in these tests. The listed phones (and the others which failed to make the list) were Bluetooth connected to a Bluetooth reference interface, in this case a commercially available HEAD Acoustics interface.

    The ITU rules the world's communications. It sets the global standards. There are around 2,000 committees, groups and associations currently kvetching about what 5G will or wont be, but it will be the ITU which decides. The organisation has more gravitas than Morgan Freeman speaking at Gandhis Funeral.

    So we were a little surprised when we called up the list.

    Nine phones.

    None of them Apple, and two of them tested twice with different software revisions. It looks as though they just tested what they had lying around the office, when we queried this we were told that the sponsoring automotive manufacturers supplied the phones. So here in full is the list of the phones the ITU says work well in a car:

    1. Blackberry Q10

    2. Blackberry Z10

    3. Blackberry Z30

    4. HTC One M8

    5. LG G2

    6. Motorola Moto G

    7. Samsung S5

    8. Sony Ericsson W880i

    9. Sony Xperia Z1

    The ITU says that only 30 percent of the phones it tested passed. The organisation hasnt named and shamed the failures. It does say:

    The worst performing phones showed some serious defects: some causing significantly distorted speech, others completely failing to acknowledge connection to a vehicles HFT. Quality degradation of this extent has led to customer complaints to automakers, and experts assert that such performance could give rise to safety risks by encouraging drivers to handle their phones while driving.

    We called the ITU to ask which phones had failed and were told that this information was under NDA. It would however be sensible to assume that all market leading phones were tested.

    The testing was done last February which explains why they are such old models. Details were published a little later but with the information anonymised - the list naming the phones which passed has only just been published.

    Data which is more than a year old is no use to anyone thinking about which phone to buy.

    The obvious flakiness of this research hasnt stopped the ITU from being ebullient about the project.

    The entrance of nomadic devices into vehicles must be managed in such a way that it does not compromise the comfort and safety of drivers, said ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao. Central to this objective will be improving the compatibility of phones with hands-free terminals in vehicles, and ITU is working to achieve this by encouraging cooperation on this important topic between the automotive and ICT industries.

    The ITU white list is a laudable idea but with many thousands of phones and software releases the task is going to need a lot more resources.

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    03-06-15 12:56 PM
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    Amazing! Thank you!
    03-06-15 01:16 PM
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    BB10 spots 1,2, & 3

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    03-06-15 11:02 PM
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    Good news! BlackBerry rules...

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    03-07-15 12:53 AM
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    It's 3am in the morning here. Can someone do a tl:dr version?
    03-07-15 03:01 AM
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    BB10 spots 1,2, & 3

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    The list is alphabetical
    03-07-15 03:07 AM
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    BlackBerry is top class when handling communications quality and standards. I still make lots of phone calls and use hands free via Bluetooth headsets/speaker units. To this day, audio quality and video quality (BBM video) can't be matched.

    Unfortunately, most people I notice are using smartphones these days to... play games.

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    03-07-15 09:19 AM
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    The list is alphabetical
    Which makes the fact that 'A' is missing all that better.


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    03-07-15 02:16 PM
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    So Apple wasn't even tested?

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    03-08-15 12:58 PM
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    I'm not sure what this is telling us. Or why anyone should care?

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    03-08-15 01:01 PM
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    All devices are being tested and currently only those 9 devices are compliant with car kits
    03-08-15 01:25 PM
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    The linked Register article seems a tad skeptical about what the results mean. It's light on detail for sure. I personally haven't had issue with the few phones I have connected in friends' cars ( my gadget-deficient 2000 CRV sadly still drives too well to replace so I use a Jawbone). If anything, it's the interface peculiarities of head units which are the most problematic and cause most distracted fiddling.
    03-08-15 01:55 PM
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    03-08-15 10:18 PM
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    All devices are being tested and currently only those 9 devices are compliant with car kits
    So all those iPhones currently being used connected to cars are really not working?
    03-10-15 03:53 PM
  15. tchocky77's Avatar
    If anything, it's the interface peculiarities of head units which are the most problematic and cause most distracted fiddling.
    Agreed. This is something I've looked at while car shopping. The on-board UIs are uniformly horrible. Across the board.
    03-10-15 11:31 PM
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    This is funny to me because I've been unable to use bb10 alone without a 2nd device since it launched specifically because of how poorly it performs with Bluetooth. At least in my Subaru, Toyota and Lexus usage it's stayed consistently bad. Call quality is fine but strange behavior and lack of options to disable things like music playing by itself or navigation disappearing after a phone call means I have to use android for that stuff. It really hasn't been expanded on at all over the last 2 years. Shame really as it meets all my other needs just fine.
    03-16-15 12:04 AM
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    BlackBerry 10 rules once again.

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    03-16-15 08:20 AM

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