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    Leicester-based B2B dealership Scancom has opened the country's first dealer-based BlackBerry centre.

    Here to it's extensive website that also offers online sales BlackBerry Centre > www.scancom.co.uk > Scancom Distribution Ltd t/as scancom.co.uk (pretty ribbon cutter by the way!)

    Owned by brothers Chen and Kal Kotecha the store, which launched on Tuesday to an audience of about 100 guests, will feature heavy BlackBerry branding and dedicate half its floor space to the devices. Its website will also be, (is) directed largely towards BlackBerry sales.

    Scancom is a BlackBerry Alliance member, Orange specialist business and BlackBerry channel launch partner, Vodafone business partner and T-Mobile direct dealer.

    It is also working with a major IT distributor to source BlackBerry devices.

    Said Chen Kotecha: "We were a B2B store, now we’re a BlackBerry centre. It's the only store you can walk into and buy everything you need to do with BlackBerry.

    "We've excelled at providing data, have all the BlackBerry applications and are the only dealer that provides a 30-day trial of BlackBerry SatNav.

    "Essentially we will be a centre of excellence, with devices, expertise and applications under one roof."

    Kotecha predicted the majority of handsets sold in the next two years would be smartphones, and dealers would increasingly adopt a data model; either around BlackBerry, or Nokia and Apple devices.

    A RIM spokesman said: "This initiative brings three major partners together to provide a unique buying experience for both consumer and business smartphone customers in the East Midlands."
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    Wow that sounds pretty awesome. Sounds like a cool place to have a few beers abd chill.

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