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    From law enforcement's standpoint, we have never had absolute impenetrable boxes for people to store things in. There has always been some mechanism to get into any vault/box/safe, etc. if deemed absolutely necessary.

    One can always come up with some scenario where, say, your grandfather died in a fire that destroyed his will but there was an electronic copy on his iPhone. There would absolutely be no way to get into it. Or, say, a serial killer stalks someone and a security camera captures the victim taking iPhone pictures before being killed. There would be no way for the police to get the pictures out. What if on 9/11 victims recorded their last will and testament on their smartphones which then locked.

    I'm not advocating that a back door be required. I'm just saying that truly "impossible to unlock" is something new that we have never dealt with.
    I don't see those scenarios as issues. No backdoor means no backdoor and if you don't want it in place on your iPhone then don't set a password. Besides information is forever lost all the time when people die. We can't "unlock" their brain and we don't question this we just accept it as impossible. We just need to look at their phone in the same way.

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