01-24-15 03:41 PM
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  1. Prem WatsApp's Avatar
    In the US, 99.99% of 13 year old girls make less than $1,000 a year, and yet a majority of them carry an iPhone. You might be surprised at how people prioritize their spending.
    4/4s/5 hand-me-downs... ?


      A berry good start and God's blessing to all in 2015 ...  
    01-05-15 12:12 AM
  2. IggieX's Avatar
    The only new thing ive heard that might come soon is that passport with a slide out keyboard... which im sure will not take much to break it off
    01-05-15 02:09 AM
  3. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    4/4s/5 hand-me-downs... ?

    My niece is a teenager (15), and among her 10 friends that were around during the holidays, there were 4 iPhone 6s, a 6+, 2 5s, 2 5Ss, and a 5C. All but one of those girls are from low-to-mid middle-class families. Her one friend with an Android phone has a Galaxy S5. In every case, they were on their 2nd generation of iPhone at least, and several were on their 3rd.

    So, again, it's dangerous to assume that parents won't buy their young teens a $650+ phone, because in reality, it's incredibly common today.
    01-05-15 06:02 PM
  4. crazigee's Avatar
    I hope no. The worst thing Blackberry needs is a diluting value and brand. 3 devices is the max a company of this size needs. 2 would be better with the ability to keep last year's model in catalog la Apple.

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    So you think that all BlackBerry should have is the Passport and Classic?

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    01-06-15 03:45 AM
  5. crazigee's Avatar
    This Z20 or what you call it, is absolutely the correct call by BlackBerry. Time for a bit of reality. In the US, greater than 50% of the gainfully employed earns less than 28, 000 per year. I'd you think these people are going to shell out 800 dollars for a cheapy iPhone, you are smoking something good. The Z20 is a great value proposition for this portion of the population. And the best thing, Apple won't and can't compete as iOS8 is unable to deliver a solid user experience with less than optimal specs. Smart move by BlackBerry.

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    If you really think that Apple can't compete you need to do a little more unbiased research.

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    01-06-15 03:50 AM
  6. Cyngold's Avatar
    Keyboards are where BlackBerry now live.... Have heard talk already of a new Passport (milk them while you can), and a spring loaded keyboard (maybe a torch).
    MAYBE A TORCH? You just made my heart race!!!

    I've been dying for a Torch 9800 replacement and I can't loose the keyboard but I don't want to sacrifice my big screen. I guess I'll keep looking... because I don't want a 1:1 screen and right now my only two choices in the world of smartphones are the Classic and the Passport.
    01-10-15 03:59 PM
  7. Mark Edward Carr's Avatar
    Spoilt little brats... I want I want and parents give in to the demands..

    The problem with today's youth is there parents...

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    01-24-15 02:53 PM
  8. trsbbs's Avatar
    Spoilt little brats... I want I want and parents give in to the demands..

    The problem with today's youth is there parents...

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    Didn't your parents teach you that if you don't have something nice to say don't say it? Hmmm?

    BlackBerry hates America!
    01-24-15 03:25 PM
  9. aTrueBbLover's Avatar
    I was thinking to upgrade my z10 but after hearing these comments I decide to be happy with it as long as I can. Really..?? Who gonna buy device with same old snapdragon s plus and pro chipset. If z20 cones with quad core chipseat then I will buy it. This z20 still an upgrade but not a big seal here. Only bump in battery and screen size. An upgrade z3. Not an upgrade to z10.

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    01-24-15 03:41 PM
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