09-28-15 08:08 AM
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    You can't be serious. OK, I'll bite.

    1. You have a convenience button. In absence of using it, try swiping, Quick settings, or using BlackBerry assistant.
    2. You can do this on Bb10 not sure where you heard you can't. I do this all the time when recording video of my twins...
    3. Just did this yesterday.
    4. Sure, but why? You miss the message too big error?
    5. Launch contacts, start typing. It's instant. How many contacts do you have?
    6. Really? Care to elaborate?
    7. Umm, bbos was not responsive. If it were then half of the themes wouldn't have text running off the screen, and you wouldn't need versions for each phone of a theme.
    8. There is no application development anymore on bbos, so I'll give you this one; can't get more efficient than zero.
    9. Bb10 devices - some have a removable battery. In any event, hold the power button, and the device shuts down in 3 seconds.
    10. Get a classic or q10, and don't use the screen.

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    That one, I don't know. Unless there's a specific place to touch, I'm not able to resume recording on my Z10. It starts a new video.
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    09-28-15 08:08 AM
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