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    So I get a card in the mail saying I can switch from virgin mobile to sprint, (because they merged) and I get a $50.00 device credit as well as get my activation fee waived if I am satisfied with my service after 30 days (which i know I will be). I want to get a Blackberry (would be my first one, plus being a IT technician, helps to have one so i know how to set them up somewhat and do minor troubleshooting) but not sure which one to get. I was gearing towards the tour but then heard about the tour2 ( and the problems with the trackball) and started looking towards that. Thing is, the 50 dollar credit will not be available after January 31st. I'm coming from a Helio ocean 2 which sucks now, was good when i first got it though. I also need a suggestion on which plan to get with sprint. I have a Virgin mobile plan that gives me unlimited everything except calling, where I only get 500 minutes a month for like 83.99 with tax and everything. Should I get the tour now or wait for the tour 2 ?

    Any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated.
    Sorry if I posted this in the wrong category and if i needs to be deleted or moved than do so, I'm somewhat new to forums in general.
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    Your plan equivalent would be this (pasted from my Sprint acct):

    Everything Data Blackberry 450 $69.99
    450 Anytime Minutes Included
    Nationwide Long Distance Included
    AMERICA - ROAMING Included
    Unlimited Sms Text Messaging
    Unlimited Picture Mail
    Unlimited Data Usage
    Sprint Navigation
    Unlimited Sprint Data
    Unlimited Blackberry Access
    Unlimited Any Mobile, Anytime
    Caller ID
    Call Waiting
    Three-way Calling
    Monthly charge for service plan $69.99

    My total with fees, taxes, and $4.00 monthly service and repair plan comes to right around what you're spending now.

    The "Unlimited Any Mobile, Anytime" feature will really stretch your 450 minutes, probably way beyond the 500 you're getting now. Add in the three "mobile to home" numbers for frequently called land lines (like T-Mo's "My Faves"), and minutes shouldn't be a problem.

    You can always upgrade to the $99.99 Unlimited plan, if you talk a lot. That would probably run $115 or so with all the junk fees.

    I'm on the Curve 8330, waiting for the Tour 2 ("Essex"). It may or may not be out by 1/31, so just assess how important WiFi and the various other improvements will be for you.

    Not having WiFi on my 8330 is by no means a problem. The Sprint 3G network is fast enough for most of what I try to do over the air. Depending on your intended usage, however, waiting for the WIFi-enabled T2 might even be worth foregoing the $50 device credit. Don't get me wrong: I am looking forward to better speeds with WiFi. Time IS money, remember.

    You should be able to talk your way out of an activation fee, regardless. Tell 'em your options are to 1) switch over to Sprint, no activation fee, or 2) walk. Somebody's bound to "retain" you.
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    Thanks for your response. They also are going to waive the activation fee and apparently port my number over so it would really be a service swap more or less. On the card got in the mail it says they will waive the activation fee and cover any termination fees that may apply with virgin mobile which I know i will have since I haven't even been using the service a year yet. I have wi-fi set up in my house so I would be able to use it which would be great to use on a cell phone for speed reasons. I think what I may do is wait till mid January, 15th - 20th and see what happens in the cell phone market before I make a decision.

    Would be great if the Tour 2 came out around that time and I could use the device credit towards it though. Thanks for your help.
    12-30-09 01:17 PM
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