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    David MacQueen, Executive Director, Apps and Media Research, said Naturally Android and iOS were the top platforms, with 84 percent and 68 percent respectively of developers targeting those platforms. Thats primarily down to the huge installed base; we asked developers why they were supporting particular platforms and the top answer for both of these platforms was the user base. 74 percent of Android developers and 65 percent of iOS developers cited this as a reason for their continued support.

    Of the other platforms, HTML5 ranked third in terms of developer support with 33 percent developing for HTML5 this year, rising to 43 percent expecting to develop next year. However, one third of those developers use HTML5 as a tool to develop for other platforms. Therefore, it seems that Windows Phone looks set to become the third ecosystem, as predicted by Elop in the infamous burning platform memo. In contrast, support for Symbian next year is slightly under 2 percent of our developer panel.

    Strategy Analytics Developer Survey regarding developer support for mobile OSes in 2014-sa.png

    11-21-13 06:57 AM
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    Strange that there were fewer Developers working on BlackBerry apps this year than last year. If accurate it is an pretty good indication of just how bad a job BlackBerry did attracting developers to BB10. It is encouraging that even with the reports of slow sales and the company in trouble (all were known in September), that more developers expect to be working on BlackBerry apps next year.

    Of course that might change if running Android apps becomes seamless on a BlackBerry....
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    11-21-13 08:09 AM

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