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    I would have had to create a facebook account to post my reply, so I'll let it up to you.
    Also, read his past articles. Don't forget the comments.
    Tony Renier

    RIM CEO Says We're Not In a Death Spiral - John Paczkowski - Mobile - AllThingsD
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    Tony, as has been noted elsewhere, Heins is actually doing a pretty good job, and 99.9% of what he says is intelligent, well-considered, and shows a clear awareness of where RIM is now, how it got there, and the challenges that face the company as it corrects course.

    Then he'll say a couple of bone-headed things like "The company as it is, is fine" and "We're not in a death-spiral". Those are dumb things to say, and of course somebody out there on the Internet is going to jump on that and laugh merrily...

    Best to ignore it completely, and hope that Heins develops a closer relationship with his own communications team.
    07-06-12 12:14 AM
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    This has been discussed numerous times now.
    07-06-12 01:04 AM