07-08-12 03:43 PM
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    As for being a 'software architect' and the idea that somehow makes him a qualified to understand microkernels... I stopped believing him the moment he said cars should be driven by monolithic kernels. Unless he's actually going to provide information that details his education, job status, previous experience and research, I'm not going to believe he's even a fart app developer.

    Finally, while the microkernel debate during the 90s came out against microkernels, they were still largely in their infancy. It wasn't until the L4 kernel family was released that most of the performance issues were resolved and microkernels caught up to monolithics.

    If you really think that microkernels suffer some huge performance loss why does the Playbook run HD games so smoothly? Where is the massive performance loss that existed during the 90s?

    The short answer is it doesn't exist anymore.
    Even a fart app developer has more software development experiance than you. I have been a full time professional software developer for the last 24 years.
    07-08-12 12:00 PM
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    No, definitely not.

    RIM isn't in a position to hold back BB10 for a new feature (no matter how important). They needed to get BB10 out as quick as possible.

    The true story can be seen in the BB10 demonstrations that were given. What little you saw of BB10 was essentially all RIM had available to show. They are so far behind in BB10's development that they had to delay it (yet again) by 6 months. Given their history of not meeting deadlines and lying - 6 months is a pipe dream. If it gets released at all (HUGE if), it'll take at least another year.

    In other words, don't hold your breath.

    Although your opinion puts things in a believable perspective as a shareholder I need to believe they will deliver.

    Rim has been written off as far as the market is concerned so more bad news short of bankruptcy isn't going to change much of the streets attitude towards them. Even a release date or a actual release is going to be viewed with much skepticism unless they gain traction.

    If tats influence is the secret sauce of bb10 and it shows up on bb10 front page then I would have to disagree that rim showed all they had. Holding back may have been the only way to hold on to what they believe could be a differentiating factor to bb10.
    07-08-12 03:43 PM
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