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    source: here.

    not really solid info there but thought some might be interested.

    edit: oops my bad someone beat me to it, mods can u remove this? lol\
    04-03-13 07:02 PM
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    Already posted
    04-03-13 07:08 PM
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    04-03-13 07:39 PM
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    Well, regarding this Skype saga...
    Fool me once shame on me fool me twice....FU....
    I am so f'ing pissed off at myself for believing in the hype created for BB10 right now.... I mean I got 8 of my friends to get Z10, and I told them about Skype and probably many other apps coming at US launch ... and all I get is a few badly, really badly needed updates...
    On top of that, stopped getting Gmail sometimes on Easter Monday...big screw up at work... changed the settings to POP... can't say when the next screw up will happen...
    While I am at it... the saga with openWhatsapp guy has me bitter too.... If it wasn't for him, we would never have Whatsapp this soon..that must be great for scaring off inovative devs... The Bittorque is off of App World too, and I swear if I have to replace my phone and am not able to download all my purchased apps, I will pratically pi** on the phone and move to Android... Now I just wait and see....
    BTW, thanks guys for lending me your ear..
    Much appreciated!

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    04-03-13 08:26 PM

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