07-12-14 09:07 PM
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  1. crazigee's Avatar
    The plural does not apply to the actual word used to describe the fruit. Therefore BlackBerry's is correct.
    No actually that's incorrect.

    BlackBerry's is the possessive. Eg. BlackBerry's profit went up this quarter even if their marker share went down.

    BlackBerries is the plural. Eg. Our company has many BlackBerries.

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    07-12-14 03:32 PM
  2. Heinz Katchup's Avatar
    07-12-14 03:40 PM
  3. BK_NY_RAY's Avatar
    Yeah, I thought it was BlackBerry's because we're not talking about more than one fruit.

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    07-12-14 03:47 PM
  4. crazigee's Avatar
    They prove my point!

    BlackBerry's BBM... as in the BBM that belongs to BlackBerry. Possessive! The

    If what you're trying to say is that because it is a proper name the plural doesn't need the "ies" the way the fruit does then maybe.

    However, the apostrophe is possessive.

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    07-12-14 03:48 PM
  5. BK_NY_RAY's Avatar
    Who cares anyway.

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    07-12-14 03:52 PM
  6. eldricho's Avatar
    Actually it is just BlackBerry smartphones according to BlackBerry and CBK themselves
    A BlackBerry smartphone
    Some BlackBerry smartphones

    But it's not like it matters and it sure doesn't matter with the Scoreloop shutdown


    Comment from that thread

    Wow..just saw this thread... even Sith is wrong here!

    It's actually BlackBerry Smartphones

    Because BlackBerry is a trademarked word, you can't even add an S to it to make it BlackBerrys (it's DEFINITELY not BlackBerries).

    So really, you should always re-write what you say so you can use BlackBerry Smartphones.

    Of course, that's kinda bunk... so people can't do whatever they want!

    there's actually an article on RIM's website that outlines their rules on this.
    Now back to the Scoreloop topic

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    07-12-14 03:55 PM
  7. JuanIrache's Avatar
    We are actively working with developers to remove the service and ensure a smooth transition and minimal impact to end customers.
    "actively working with developers" means they sent us that email asking us to remove Scoreloop. No alternatives. Unless the Android Runtime starts to support Google Play Games Services, small game developers might have to give up on BlackBerry... and that's a huge pitty.
    07-12-14 08:52 PM
  8. Brian Scheirer's Avatar
    Blackberries. The plural of BlackBerry isn't BlackBerry's.

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    Since this thread is completely derailed... According to official documentation (from when I've been given official ppt decks for presentations at BlackBerry Jam Conferences), if you want to pluralize "BlackBerry" you should refer to them as "BlackBerry devices" and never write BlackBerries, BlackBerry's, BlackBerrys, etc.

    Now you know

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    07-12-14 09:07 PM
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