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    Opinion piece from Gasee and some other French dude.

    Saving Private Research in Motion, RIM, Blackberry | Monday Note
    08-06-12 10:15 AM
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    Wish Michael Schmitt would come here. To bad he would be kicked after one post.
    08-06-12 10:36 AM
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    Opinion piece from Gasee and some other French dude.

    Saving Private Research in Motion, RIM, Blackberry | Monday Note
    I read the article and Michael Smitt's comments at the bottom. First the article...

    I found it to be informative. I found the article as a piece of information stating facts. Apple was in big trouble in 1997 and turned it around, thanks to the idea of OS X. The author did great pointing out the mountain that RIM has to climb to get back into the mobile arena. iOS/Android and even Windows are running away with better eco systems. I liked how the author did not bash RIM, but rather stated the obvious differences from the turnover Apple had in 1997 to the current eco system race between RIM and the others. It's not the same and his four points proved it. I for one hope BB10 is everything it's cracked up to be. Here's to hoping!

    As for Michael's comments in the comment section, he's a tool and his ranting doesn't do RIM or anyone else any good. We can express our side of why Blackberry works for us but we have to understand it doesn't work for everyone else (Pretty much everyone else). It makes all other BB fans look stupid when he/us go on rants trying to prove why BB is better, when in reality it is just better for 'our needs'.
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    08-06-12 11:10 AM
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    Yep we can enjoy the view from atop our high horse. We will have a good view as we watch the bomb throwers win.
    08-06-12 11:21 AM
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    Microsoft is NOT the 3rd Platform though. It IS Blackberry by volume and users I'm sorry but that article pontificated on a bunch of information that doesn't really relate to Blackberry just those companies affairs.

    Blackberry has gotta do Blackberry first and foremost F everybody else. Apple will stomp the competition these next two quarters as they have the last two quarters. BB10 will bring its girth to a fresh year after the sh*tstorm of devices that will compete week after week to out do each other.

    APPLE KNOWS what Samsung and Microsoft seem to neglect. Blackberry seems to "get it" BB10 Jam World Tour is a good example of the measures RIM is willing to take. It's NOT about throwing your money around it's about creating a product developers WANT to build apps for. Angry Birds Space STILL isn't on Windows Phone but our Playbooks have it. Their marketplace is a mess and tied up with apps for XBOX Live.
    Giving the Dev Alphas, giving amazing tools, and forging ahead to create a PLATFORM for the future goes far beyond the deep pockets of the other guys.

    Microsoft has $$$ but does their Marketplace make money?
    Arguably no because it's still got a tiny user base compared to the TOP 3 players With BB in 3rd. And we all have read the articles that the lower 95% of developers for BB make more monthly than on any other platform, including iOS. ON A JAVA BASED OS. When BB10 comes the flood gates will open up to people porting this, and porting that. The ease by which QNX will allow them to accomplish will be gargantuan. We'll see what it comes down to I suppose but RIM isn't in need of saving right now it's in need of a killer BB10.
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    08-06-12 11:56 AM