10-30-13 07:56 PM
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    What credibility, ?It's a free market, if s4bb wants to waste it's time making apps no one downloads then they have a right to do so.

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    S4BB wastes time? LOL. These are software generated and submitted apps. It's called spam. Just like the generated emails that get sent to millions of people at a time.

    The marginal cost of each additional app is essentially zero for S4BB. But it's not zero for other developers (spamming hurts the visibility app by other developers) and users (e.g. having to download 65 city maps instead of one dedicated map app as well as browsing through new apps). And I am not talking about the image of the App Store owner (BBRY).

    So, speaking of markets, we clearly have a negative production externality problem. As such, this shouldn't be a purely "free" market. There have to be some quality control and anti-spam measures.
    10-30-13 07:56 PM
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