12-07-13 09:34 AM
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    Is CrackBerry Kevin even a fan anymore?

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    No. He's a realist.
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    12-07-13 09:04 AM
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    Remember how Mike L rubbished the iPhone in public but we now know that privately he was very worried by the device.
    I don't know how worried he really was. Mostly we have his own word from that Globe and Mail article.
    Mike Lazaridis was at home on his treadmill and watching television when he first saw the Apple iPhone in early 2007. There were a few things he didnt understand about the product. So, that summer, he pried one open to look inside and was shocked. It was like Apple had stuffed a Mac computer into a cellphone, he thought...If that thing catches on, were competing with a Mac, not a Nokia, he recalled telling his staff.
    I've never read anything else from another Blackberry exec that said he was particularly concerned about the iPhone. Not that he's lying, but memories tend to be selective. I think the fact that it took so many years for them to put up a competitive product shows that he wasn't really that worried about it.
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    12-07-13 09:24 AM
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    No. He's a realist.
    Probably best we leave CB Kevin be... I've seen "The Incredibles", so I know what happens to the "biggest fans" when they're rejected by their idols.
    12-07-13 09:34 AM
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