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    The icons of Zain Malik's theme BLACK GLASS are quite artistic
    and elegant. But then, I DID buy a BlackBerry Storm, not an iPHONE !
    Alas, Zain cannot spend any more time on his theme right now.

    The default Precision Zen theme was prepared by experts with lots
    of technical planning, horsepower, and smarts.

    If I had my wish, I would ask RIM to add a couple of simple features
    to Precision Zen: (1) an icon option 'none' and (2) icon 'color'.
    The cat's meow would be to somehow (3) allow for NO ICONS on the
    Home Screen, allowing for a full view of the user's wallpaper and
    (4) to use Zain's haunting icon colored glow.

    Some at RIM might really like the 'none' choice because it would
    lighten the graphics load for icons generally. This choice must
    include third party apps' icons and also work for folders and newly
    created folders.

    The 'none' option could use the icon's name itself as the icon in
    the special case in which the user requests to see the active tasks:
    in this case, the icon choice 'none' is presently degenerate in the
    Precision Zen Theme. Other schemes may be better.

    Icon color, with or without Zain's glow, would allow the user to
    sort/identify, in a given folder or screen, tasks according to his own

    I would prefer any twiddling with the icons be done by the pros at RIM.

    Doctor Neutron
    03-27-09 08:16 PM