06-04-12 10:58 AM
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  1. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    I agree... the cupcake thing I really didn't get. She types a lot and needs a physical keyboard for it - well many type a lot too and prefer a virtual keyboard. It's all preference and going by how well iPhones and Android phones are selling - the physical keyboard isn't a big deal. Those that really need a physical keyboard are probably already a BB owner.

    But I think the main problem with the marketing is that what are they really going to show that sets the BB apart? BBM is just another "texting" app to people... the advantages it has over SMS won't make a difference. Facebook and Twitter app - other devices have that. In fact, iOS6 is supposed to have Facebook tightly integrated in the OS - so that's a big advantage for them.

    Not only that, but does anyone else see the dark humor of a company about to debut a flagship touchscreen device saying, in essence, ?
    06-04-12 08:24 AM
  2. diapers's Avatar
    To me it's more interesting that WP, which should be growing, also lost market share. Microsoft and Nokia have been very aggressive but still fell .4 percent.
    it's not baffling at all. In reality your loss speed will slow down before you start seeing an uptick
    06-04-12 10:58 AM
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