12-21-11 11:02 AM
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    I think they need to do two things in their advertising campaign; promote that their phones actually work now.

    Most people have BB's of old, and we all remember how slow and how little you can do with them. Honestly, They should show a video of a guy playing a graphic intensive game for 10 seconds so people think he is on an iphone (with the guy tilting his body to turn like in Need for Speed) having a blast making all sorts of noise, then your hear that iconic BBM sound and the red light flashes! (Honestly people now think every touchscreen phone is an iphone...My 9810 people call and iphone....which is kinda good) and he quickly responds to the BBM.

    It says, my meeting starts in 5 minutes and I forgot my powerpoint sadface

    The guy playing, it zooms out to show he is an older business man, he then goes to Docs to go, it shows him uploading the powerpoint, seamlessly zipping through to the end and deleting his own name off it, then he saves and sends (can you even send anything over 9MB on a blackberry?) and the guy gets it, he says thank you man, drinks are on me tonight. And then the guy goes back to playing his game.

    The main part is showcasing that BB can do it ALL. Media, communication, and be a work horse, without slipping up or slowing down or having that clock face or just not working in general.

    Then a second commercial (maybe better suited for when BB10 arrives) is they show some random laboratory, use the DROID voice and talk about the blackberry. End up saying something like, when your OS is built from the ground up by the same company that makes the phone you don't need x amount of whatever. I dunno that idea is half baked, but what did you guys think of my first
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    12-21-11 11:02 AM
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