1. anthonybaker's Avatar
    Saw this article looked interesting. Anyone know what Quickflix is lol ?
    EDIT: looks like its for the Aussies. There version of netflix

    Troubled movie-streaming company Quickflix has joined forces with troubled mobile vendor Research In Motion (RIM) to deliver video content on BlackBerry 10 OS devices in early 2013.

    The subscription and pay-per-view movie-streaming service will be available through connected BlackBerry 10 OS L-Series and N-Series devices, according to Quickflix.

    "We are delighted to be introducing our digital streaming to BlackBerry devices, as we continue to provide consumers with the most accessible streaming services in the market," Quickflix Chairman and CEO Stephen Langsford said in a statement.

    The company is currently in financial strife, culling one-third of its workforce to cut costs, but that hasn't stopped it from expanding its services to new devices. This week, Quickflix announced partnerships with Humax and Kobo to stream content to internet-connected PVRs and new-generation e-readers, respectively.

    RIM is also looking at a grim future if its upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS, which will be released next month, fails to gain any traction in the market. The vendor is struggling financially, haemorrhaging market share as consumers continue to rapidly adopt Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices.
    12-14-12 03:05 PM
  2. koolrosh's Avatar
    That's Good... Now we need Netflix.
    12-14-12 04:47 PM

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