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    A survey just last year showed that the top three most popular mobile handsets there were all made by Blackberry.

    Things are not so rosy a year later, however. After ruling the smartphone market for four years in a row, Blackberry is losing its top spot in Africas second largest economy. That position is now occupied by Samsung, according to a recent survey by BMI-TechKnowledge, a firm that studies digital consumer trends in South Africa.

    Part of the explanation for Blackberrys popularity had to do with the sense that owning the handset signified a particular status of white collar success, as Quartz reported last year. But the popularity of its messenger app, popularly known as BBM, ensured the bulk of its continued success. It allowed Blackberry users to send text messages to each other for free, something that was not necessarily available on other handsets.

    That advantage is disappearing. Increasingly, smartphone users are turning to Facebook-owned mobile apps, specifically Whatsapp and Messenger, as their texting platforms of choice, which offer similar advantages.
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    10-23-15 12:37 AM
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    What the article doesn't make clear is this is about "ownership" not marketshare and we are talking about four or five year old phones that are recycled and passed around.

    Don't believe me? Make sense of these numbers

    * South Africa has a population of about 52 million
    * It has one of the highest mobile phones densities
    * BBRY shifts 800,000 phones per quarter across the world.
    10-23-15 01:07 AM

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