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    QNX's problem is that, as car middleware, it's profitable, but the profits are small, and without branded, user-facing UI and apps that people ask for by name, there is little "brand value" in QNX. Almost no one is going to come into a showroom and ask if their car's computer is running QNX, and make a buying decision based on whether QNX is present or not.

    QNX has constantly made "concept dashboards", but no car manufacturer has ever bought that, because the car manufacturers don't want to pay QNX and they don't want QNX to have that much control - the car manufacturers want all the control, and they want their own, branded, custom UIs on the screens - Ford or Chevy or Chrysler, not QNX. They also want to control what data they can get and where it goes (to themselves, of course) - they don't want QNX making those decisions.

    Unfortunately for the car makers, Apple and Google do have the "brand value" to bypass the car manufacturers, because they can get customers to come into showrooms demanding Car Play and/or Android Auto, and plenty of customers will walk right out if those are missing. Some manufacturers, like Toyota, are trying to resist and stick with their own stuff (based on QNX, but with their own Toyota apps and UI), but before long, they'll see their sales start to suffer and they'll give in to customer demand. So, ultimately, QNX will be competing for customer-facing UI not only with the car manufacturers (who have more leverage than QNX), but also Apple and Google, who have more leverage than even the car companies. There's just no way for QNX to compete - they'll have to be satisfied with selling middleware licenses and making relatively small profits at a relatively low cost for ongoing development. They'll keep making money, but growth potential in the auto world will remain limited.

    Unless you make something that isn't easily replaced and that customers ask for by name - and will walk away if they don't get it - you can't really ask for very much money for your product.

    The data that QNX compiles, in car, belongs to the OEM, It has been discussed and confirmed in interviews with QNX. It may have been Dan Dodge himself who pointed this out in an interview at ces ( I can't remember). That's a value added prop to the OEM for using QNX. The issue of data beyond the cars telematics may be more an issue with the front facing UI, (Google and Apple) who have their own ideas about the data they collect, it may conflict with car manufacturers views, but I don't believe it's a QNX issue.

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