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    The Program Manager of the Microsoft Office OneNote Team, Omeed Chandra, has been responding to community requests for what features are most desired by the community at large. This is an attempt, according to Microsoft, to get a feel for what the community wants and to build features accordingly. Many of the most requested features, for instance, are under review such as:
    • Draw or write with a stylus on iPad - 2643 votes
    • Arabic support inside pages on Android's - 1051 votes
    • Add ability to share individual sections - 633 votes

    Omeed even responded to many of these requests flagging them as planned or started:
    • Update for the Windows Phone app - 466 votes
    • Password protected sections on mac - 60 votes
    • Password protected sections on iPad - 27 votes
    • Password protected sections on iPhone - 26 votes

    But... his response yesterday declining the most requested feature (and most requested by a long shot) has almost everyone annoyed and frustrated:
    • Release OneNote app for Blackberry - 9,324 votes

    But this "Declined" request wasn't without a reason, he responded as such:
    Thanks for expressing your support for a BlackBerry version of OneNote. Our engineers have investigated the possibility of releasing the Android version of OneNote on BlackBerry, and unfortunately, it appears that will be difficult to dowe were hoping it would be easy to get OneNote for Android running on BB10, but that hasnt been the case. Given our current priorities, and the work required to do this, we cant commit to doing this for the foreseeable future. Sorry for the bad news, but we wanted to be clear about where were at and that we did investigate the possibility of doing this.
    This clearly is frustrating most people (including myself) who requested this feature. Where we get to watch OneNote along with the rest of Office come to all sorts of platforms including Android Wear, but get completely ignored for BlackBerry.

    As a former Windows Phone user - I come accustomed to using OneNote, it offers more capabilities and handles various form-factors quite well... Much credit is owed to the office team... but their failure to address this request is far too evident and doesn't really represent the skilled engineers they employ. Within the outraged comments, most people report that OneNote's android version works fine on 10.3 and producing a port would be easy. Other people are pointing out that the team addressed features that have one or two votes rather than offering a better solution for a BB10 edition being the most requested feature - pointing out that the community of OneNote users doesn't matter. Many others are just expressing that EverNote is clearly picking up the slack - and that the program manager is sputtering complete and utter bullsh!t

    I have to agree...

    (source: https://onenote.uservoice.com/forums/256328-onenote-users/suggestions/6109087-release-onenote-app-for-blackberry)
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    12-12-14 05:38 PM
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    The decline was very weak. If an email was sent to BlackBerry, this app would be in BlackBerry World in 24 hours.

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    12-13-14 11:36 PM
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    It's currently being discussed here already, come join the circus.

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    12-13-14 11:50 PM

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