1. domenic_lo_russo's Avatar
    RIM Up For Sale: Why Facebook or Sony Will Close the Deal - TheStreet

    I know these articles keep popping up everyday but this got me thinking what type of company I'd like taking over RIM if that ever happened.

    I'm thinking my preference would be a company that does not already produce phones...this way our beloved BB would live on, and not even sure a name change would be required...Facebook BlackBerry anyone??
    06-04-12 09:37 AM
  2. menaknow's Avatar
    I highly doubt Facebook or Sony.

    Sounds like an article pulling ideas out of its arse.

    I won't even bother clicking that link...
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    06-04-12 09:47 AM
  3. manofice1's Avatar
    Another dumb article with just "hear-say" crap. Everyone can speculate but until anything is fully announced believe nothing.
    06-04-12 09:53 AM
  4. sleepngbear's Avatar
    99% of this guy's conclusions are based on assumptions that are nowhere near certainties, starting with RIM is for sale, followed closely by the announcement that RIM started exploring strategic options coming out just last week (which is not a mis-assumption, it is completely false -- they first announced it three months ago). He's regurgitating the same nonsense that everyone else is regurgitating without bothering to actually check any facts, only adding his own useless opinion.

    Facebook BlackBerry, while I could see it happening, I don't want any part of it. The day such a partnership or acquisition is announced is the day I go looking for a shiny new Windows phone with a slider.
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    06-04-12 09:55 AM
  5. avt123's Avatar
    Facebook BlackBerry anyone??

    I would never buy another BB if FB bought them.
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    06-04-12 09:56 AM
  6. inicophone's Avatar
    If anyone was to buy RIM, I think it would be either Microsoft (maybe with Nokia in the bid) or believe it or not, Google.

    I would be surprised if Facebook came to take them over and this was allowed. The biggest name in corporate security smartphones is suddenly taken over by one of the most open social networks? That just won't happen.
    06-04-12 10:00 AM
  7. polytope's Avatar
    Sony? That must be a joke.
    06-04-12 10:03 AM
  8. southlander's Avatar
    Sony? That must be a joke.
    Agreed. Sony would be a terrible idea.
    06-04-12 10:05 AM