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    Just came across this. Pretry cool, if it's true. If it is true, RIM is not, by any means, resting on their laurels!

    Exclusive: BlackBerry PlayBook OS 3.0 Apparently Being Developed Already | N4BB - News for BlackBerry - forums, leaks, rumors, videos, faqs, reviews

    In my opinion, this is the kind of press RIM needs. They're showing everyone that they're determined to make BlackBerry 10 a success!

    2.0 is going to be pretty awesome, but what do you think we could see in a 3.0 release in the future? Like the article said, I think it's going to be bridging Tablet OS to BlackBerry 10.
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    02-09-12 10:58 PM
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    Great post thanks for the link! This is really good news, and shuts up anyone who says the playbook is dead! .. you know whats funny is I have been sitting here for 10 minutes really thinking of what I want to have in OS 3.0 and I actually can't think of much. Obviously BBM. That's a good sign though right? it means RIM is doing a good job on OS 2.0. I think I will be really content with 2.0 and then whatever 3.0 brings will just be bonus!
    02-09-12 11:24 PM
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    i like! i wonder if the os3 will be reserve for the new playbook eh?
    02-09-12 11:30 PM
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    i like! i wonder if the os3 will be reserve for the new playbook eh?
    Yeah that would be amazing! and please RIM be smart with the release of PB2.. release it a month after the next gen ipad is release but with upgraded specs so that it takes Apple at least 6 months to a year to match, that will drive those fanboys crazy! And that is what I NEED! for them to be drooling (well not really drooling because they would never admit to a device better than an apple) over this device! ... joking... but seriously make it happen!
    02-09-12 11:44 PM
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    OS 3.0 will have the major integration with the release of bb10 phones? Along with TAT influenced UI and more native apps from RIM? No matter this is great news and for the debbie downers that's going to post, give it a rest. sheesh.
    02-09-12 11:44 PM
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    Hmm. Maybe it will coincide with the release of the HSPA+ Playbook later this year.
    02-09-12 11:50 PM
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    I'm a little confused as to the purpose of that "exclusive". Obviously they are working on 3.0. If they weren't, then I would be incredibly worried. They listed no rumored features or anything other than they are working on it.. well duh. I guess they are getting some clicks though.
    02-10-12 06:18 AM
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    02-10-12 07:29 AM