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    It's still a local unit issue primarily. Everyone in that SCIF should have been, and most were, hammered. Bradley Manning was a leadership issue.

    Also, sometimes, in order to keep people alive, you bend the rules. Smart people fix the problem after, but it does happen. I've seen any number of USB drives with classified data on them. And I've smashed many in tiny little pieces.

    But not everyone in a combat zone has a network. Sometimes you have to make new local rules that allow the mission to be accomplished. Heck, when DoD outlawed thumb drives, the cost of re-writeables in theater went through the roof.
    DoD is very much into knee jerk reactions and poorly implementing them at that. The USB debacle being just one of those instances. Instead of white listing specific drives that meet mission requirements they simply said no to everything. Gotta love it.

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