01-20-16 02:07 PM
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    It's not misleading nonsense. It's just old and out of date. See my reply a few replies up from this one . At the time of publication, it was pretty accurate.
    OK, thank you for explanation (no sarcasm). That article is just misleading...nowadays...
    01-16-16 03:31 PM
  2. JeepBB's Avatar
    OK, thank you for explanation (no sarcasm). That article is just misleading...nowadays...
    Blame the internet ... it forgets nothing!!!

    Articles that were accurate at the time of publication are still there, and can still be found and posted as "truth" without a malicious intent. They were true at the time and it's easy to miss that they've become false due to other events occurring or the passage of time.
    01-17-16 03:13 AM
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    I agree with a lot of what your saying with regards to the Priv sales.

    This being said there is a current lawsuit from investors regarding previous sales statements made during the BB10 launch that is currently before the courts. This may show a more conservative approach.

    If I was Blackberry I would have had relativity low expectations for sales for a Blackberry phone. Although this phone runs Android we can't expect it to sell even in the same category as a Samsung flagship or something. Blackberry needs to prove to the market along with build back up consumer confidence for the hardware division slowly.

    This being said there does appear to be a decent level of carrier support and it does appear that the US carriers and market have at least be somewhat receptive to this launch. This in itself is a huge positive in the right direction. I don't see ATT asking or demanding a 60 day exclusive window if they didn't think it was beneficial to them.

    Another factor in the lack of bragging or news releases related the Priv launch may also have to do with the competition. For example, if the Priv launched with 1 million sales in the first month that would be amazing sales for a Blackberry phone in 2015. If Apple launched a new iPhone and sold anything less than 5 times that in a week, every single media and business analyst community would be asking if the good times are all over.

    My personal opinion is that this phone will be of moderate success for a Blackberry in this day in age. Hopefully I am wrong to the positive side!

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    That's the problem for companies.... being truthful with your investors and letting them "really" know how things are going. Yet when things go bad, not saying too much to make them worse and lose more of their money.
    01-20-16 02:07 PM
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