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    This morning, I had the chance to participate to a meeting at BlackBerry Headquarters with John Sims - President, Global Enterprise Services - Thad White - Senior Director, Enterprise Value Added Services - Jeff Holleran - Senior Director, Enterprise Product Management and Mederic Leborgne - Pre Sales Manager and Solutions Specialist (France). A dream of a casting for anything Enterprise at BlackBerry, if you ask me !

    First of all, I'd like to point out an important feeling, the kind you can only get when you shake one's hand and look into his eyes. These guys are smart; the proper mix of rigor and humor, they know what they're talking about and talk about what they know. I've been through numerous presentations of the kind for anything IT related and I must say I've been impressed. Although each have their own personality, I found "Chen's touch" in their behavior: cohesion in the form and substance. That matters a lot to me and I believe it matters a lot for customers; it's not a "shoe shine" intro.

    The presentation was about enterprise but we also had several side-discussions and free talk. Many points were explained, I will not literally write them down, but some of them caught my attention and I thought it might be contributive to share them with you, CB folks. And of course, you'll find personal views inside (italics), please take them as such, not as formally exposed by the "dream team".

    As an introduction, M. Sims reminded us what were the ordered targets the management have set when M. Chen took the reins. Pretty simple 3 steps action. I'll use it to inject some information, please note I only use it as a structure for my post. My words, not his !

    #1 Clear the financial threat

    Take the doubt away.

    This one was the urgent one, mandatory to recover customers confidence in enterprise space, where investments are meant to last for years. Restoring discipline (costs control; flush anything that's not absolute priority) and demonstrate that BlackBerry is here for the long term with a strict recovery path. That's what they've been (and still are) at.
    Get committed.
    Metrics are the key; measurable improvements in cash burn have been tremendous.
    When $billions turn to $millions you can state you're on the right path. But path is not enough, you need a formal engagement, a goal. That's cash flow positive at the end of FY 2014, i.e February 2015.
    I believe they'll do it or even better, but that's me, they didn't trumpeted nor disclosed any figure we don't know already

    #2 Build the offering

    When you deal with enterprises, there's a game you can't play : the yoyo.
    As stated above, enterprises need a clear vision of what your strategy is and you need to play the "continuation bet". Both for strategy and investments.

    There's broad talent in current adaptation of the strategy, driven by factual observation and emergency. The agnostic (platform independent) vision is absolutely new; they were barely moaning it one year ago and now they claim it on the top of the roof. Targeting enterprises allowed to right-size the company and focus exclusively on the nerve of the war : deliver top notch productivity devices and solutions ... where (reachable) revenues are.
    Partnerships like Samsung's are strong signs. DNA type.
    Knox enabled devices will offer for the first time a real "head to toe" (device - infrastructure - back-end) highly secure alternative under BlackBerry's enterprise offering.
    Welcome Samsung, let the CALs be with us!
    By reducing non strategic expenses and investing $1.5Billion investments in differentiating technologies (Nanthealth,Secusmart,Movitru) they also forecast future expansion and unique capabilities.
    Before last events (Passport, Enterprise), we had great expectations. But to say the least, they've been overtaken.
    We all waited for the passport and - besides lucky-few of us - none expected to meet Blend. As much as I am in love with my Passport, I must say I'm even more blown with Blend and all I can forecast from this birth-day-suited piece of software.
    We also expected BES12 and its BBOS and cross-platform support - none expected to see a broader range of - unified - enterprise solutions, furthermore covering such a wide scope you'd barely reach by mixing 5 to 10 competitors (and as many layers than a club sandwich).Extended EMM + Identity management + Communication Services. That's what has been exposed.
    With a string of new approaches and technology, let's mention BBM Meetings (I've tested it: it's *wow* great !), VPN Authentication (no more tokens!), WorkLife (Virtual SIM for n phone numbers), Enterprise Identity (Single Point of Control : like you sign in on blogs using FB or TW ... but enterprise managed) ...
    That's huge.
    Some pretend they can be the best everywhere. BlackBerry don't.
    They build partnerships and alliances to gain access to the most valuable and efficient apps/services in the enterprise sphere. Tango Networks, MindLync, Harmony, Gwava ... these enterprises raise the native capabilities to the next level (respectively: Unified communications, IM/Lynk, MS O365, Secure mobile archive).
    You thought we were done with #2 ? ha.ha.ha.
    You know BlackBerry builds pretty much anyting with a #1 prioriy : security.
    For BES12, add an exaequo (equal): future-proof.
    What this means is that the foundation of BES12 has been thought with the same care to offer extensiveness to the to-come or existing connected endpoints. Namely, the Internet of Things.
    As of date, it can address QNX powered devices (like medical devices), yet it's only a connector away from anything connected. As an example, just wonder what are these capabilities in domains like real time fleet management or logistics ... all in the same environment for real-time monitoring ... endless possibilities.

    #3 Business (read : SELL LIKE 666 !)

    It's all about channels.
    There's an internal workforce (I believe 300 now expected to grow to 500 people) dedicated to sales.
    Yet, BlackBerry has set an amazing plan. They've open a variety of distribution channels (carriers, ISVs, Integrators) but they also added flexibility in the mix.
    BES12 will be offered in various shapes and forms, with different levels of support/strength.
    - On premise (self hosted servers / cloud)
    - Hosted (SAAS)
    - In the "public" cloud (a special paragraph later)
    Goodie ? You can even mix them.

    A short take about BES in the Cloud.
    It'll be 100% BES12/on premise/hosted "ISO", in fact, BES12 has been built ... for the cloud.
    It (and all other forms) will be multi domains enabled (1 single BES can handle multiple enterprises, in short words).
    Some of my guesses (personal, no official informations, salt it):
    I 8ball launch around March 2015.
    As for other cloud based offerings, licensing might be on a user/month basis.
    [Personal note : Diego, please stop dancing on your desk, it's embarrassing !]

    Of course, let's mention FTR the Passport and the Classic but you already know all about it, you geeks !

    Ok, I'll stop here, sorry for the Mhhhhooooos and the chaos like structure ...
    And if you wonder where I go from that : I have a business plan to set.
    Codename ? Black Sheep

    Last but not least : please allow me some later editing, in case my approximative English led some in a wrong direction. And of course, if you have additional questions ... that's below !!!


    P.S: Julie, Ines : Thank you for this moment ! (French humor)
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    Thank you kins Sir for sharing this with us!
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    Thanks, so BES12 has really been built to talk to everything now or later...

    As Chen said, this platform (incl. BB10) will last us for a long, long time... :-)

    Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....
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    Thank you for posting this.

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    As mentioned above, thanks for sharing.
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    Merci Superfly pour une lecture des plus intressantes.
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    Appreciate the time and information? Thanks.

    " I do not think that word means what you think it means. "
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    Thanks for the inside Scoop,lol
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