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    Detailed article on why $RIMM BlackBerry 10 chances are better than what analysts expect: RIM's BB10 Chances Better Than Analysts Expect - Seeking Alpha http://seekingalpha.com/article/1040...ect?source=msn

    The main basis is that he expects ASP to be higher than predicted as well as the upgrades from the developed countries in North America and Europe.

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    12-03-12 03:21 PM
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    12-03-12 03:25 PM
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    It's one analyst's opinion.

    I happen to agree with this one, but I still hold the caveat that we really won't know until the phones make it to market.
    12-03-12 03:28 PM
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    And then we get this; apparently, in order to make investors happy (RIM is the only individual stock I own), RIM is supposed to dump every BB 7 device in a landfill and only offer BB 10. I was on a Tour until a recent error on an SD card left me feeling that my trusty, dusty companion had let me down (OS 5), so I ordered a refurbished 9650 Bold (OS 6). They both work fine and I'm using the Bold because I'd might as well try a track pad before they're obsolete.

    Research in Motion to Keep Existing Platform and 1 Heavily Traded Stock Moving Today | Wall St. Cheat Sheet

    These financial "tech" writers have no clue, it is truly scary!
    12-03-12 04:01 PM
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    Thanks for such a wonderful thread with such a great outlook!
    12-03-12 05:23 PM

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