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    Bad news for Blackberry, for sure. However, this isn't surprising considering how quickly Windows has gobbled up marketshare, and the fact that there's been a lot of positive press and buzz about the brand. With these additions, Windows has solidified their position as the credible third platform in the mobile space.

    I don't mean any disrespect when I say this, but those saying, "BlackBerry doesn't need these apps, apps aren't BB's problem, BB is going after 'prosumers'," have their heads in the sand and this is the type of logic that got BlackBerry into the mess they're in now. The line between "consumer" and "professional" is so thin you can barely see it as people are wanting their devices to do everything from typing out emails and organizing their work life to being able to take and share pics of a pumpkin spice latte from SBX on Instagram.

    Look at Vine, arguably less "professional" than Instagram - nothing but 6 second looping videos. Many of the Fortune 500 are launching a presence on Vine, and people want to say those types of apps don't matter? LOL. Just because you don't use it or don't care for it doesn't mean it's irrelevant.

    Here is another reality: BlackBerry's core competency - what kept them in business and why so many of us love the brand - was their stellar ability to communicate. When we look at both the mobile and digital environment, communication is less and less about words and sentences, and more about images and video. This is a growing fact among younger users all the way up to business professionals. THE WAY WE COMMUNICATE HAS CHANGED, AND BLACKBERRY HAS NOT KEPT UP. That's the bottom line.

    I love looking at these threads and seeing people talk smack about "teenagers who take selfies on Instagram". Guess what? Those teenagers are buying iPhones and Androids, and growing up on them, buying them repeatedly and giving their dollars and piece of market share to Apple and Google, then moving onto iPads and Macs. BlackBerry doesn't exist to these people, and Windows is trying to become relevant - and doing a damned good job. So we can sit here and poke fun and laugh, but the reality is that companies that don't adapt and change, die. Blackberry is standing on the edge of the cliff and for all we know, may have already jumped - it will just take a while to hit the bottom.

    If the rumors are true that IG wanted $1M from BB to build an app, and BB declined, then that only shows that BB still does not understand the business and quite frankly, deserves to fade from relevancy. Pump millions of dollars into a SuperBowl ad that was regarded as one of the worst of the year, but scoff at developers from top apps? Yeah, you have no idea what you're doing.
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    Yes prosumers are never interested in such time wasting silliness
    The prosumers might be, but the companies that employ them and seem to be BlackBerry's target market are not.

    A question. Who are the people who use Instagram? Are they generally young people, perhaps still in school and/or in entry level jobs? I'm just trying to understand the interest in the app.

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    ^ Lots of young people, and a growing number of companies and professionals. I work in the hospitality industry - restaurants, hotels, spas, lifestyle real estate, retail, etc - and IG is a must-have app for each of them.
    10-22-13 10:43 AM
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    Sideload...........Sideload Instagram. I've read it works okay.
    You miss the point. We're power users for the most part. The average consumer doesn't know what sideloading is and doesn't want to be bothered even if they did. They want it out of the box and easily downloadable in five seconds. Until we have Instagram people will shy away from BlackBerry 10. I know people that were considering BlackBerry 10 and shy away when they hear it does not have Instagram.

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    For the record, I've side loaded Instagram twice and both times, the app just flat out fails after a few weeks. I try to open it and the screen flashes black repeatedly until the app crashes. Having to continually sideload/reload the app is not going to work for me...
    10-22-13 11:01 AM
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