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    I just read a nice article on the Z30 on Mobiletechnologytalk:
    01-21-14 02:08 AM
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    I just read a nice article on the Z30 on Mobiletechnologytalk:
    Blackberry has come once again with there version of a consumer friendly BlackBerry SmartPhone. The Z30 does what any other smartphone in the modern tech era can; Multi-Tasking;Video Chat; Enterprise Email; App Market (BlackBerry Hub); SMS/MMS Messaging with Advanced Archiving; and last but SURLY NOT LEAST??ENCRYPTION. Yes we all know that RIM happens to be going through there issues respectfully, but it doesn?t in any way shape or forum take away from the fact that RIM really does make a true ?SMARTPHONE? out of their products. Not only do they tackle each product from a hardware and software perspective, but also from a enterprise vs. consumer mind-state and user perspective. That thinking; ?in my own personal opinion?, HAS MADE FOR THE BEST OVERALL MOBILE OPERATING SYSTEM FROM A USER-ABILITY STANDPOINT THAT IVE EVER CREATED! But in a world were having an iPhone at 16 is like having a Porscheat 61, it?s very hard to persuadeanyone that the BlackBerry is even worth taking a look at. For the brave, smart, or lucky few who have used or own one; CONGRATULATIONS!
    (plus specs)
    Source: http://us.blackberry.com/smartphones...fications.html

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    01-21-14 02:31 AM

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