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    Well, when in business, you should always know your competitors

    BB Geeks - Blackberry Information, News and Reviews, a new website aimed at BlackBerry users and enthusiasts, launches this week, providing in-depth reviews, news coverage and how-to guides and videos.

    BBGeeks.com, owned by website publisher MFE Interactive, announced its entry to the BlackBerry information space today. The website, aimed at BlackBerry users and enthusiasts, has a wide variety of offerings including in-depth reviews on BlackBerry service providers and Hosted Exchange companies that offer BlackBerry-specific related services.

    "The idea for the site came from our own interoffice addiction to the BlackBerry phones," says Rae Hoffman, Editorial Director for BBGeeks.com. "We found a ton of information online relating to the specific phone models, but not a lot of in-depth information on the actual service providers and BlackBerry Enterprise Server Hosted Exchange offerings. So we decided to do the research and create the resource."

    The research resulted in reviews of 13 BlackBerry service providers and 24 hosted exchange providers with BlackBerry-specific offerings in North America and the United Kingdom. In addition to receiving an "Editorial Rating" from the BBGeeks.com editorial staff, the various providers also receive an "Average Reviewer Rating" from reviews left by actual consumers. "We do our best to provide in-depth information in the reviews, but we also know that nothing beats the actual experiences of consumers that have used the services," says Elizabeth Hawksworth, an editor for the BB Geeks website. "When you're armed with both the facts about a provider and user-generated opinions, you have the best chance of making an informed decision."

    Established in 2007, BB Geeks offers in-depth review information on over 35 providers of BlackBerry phone service plans and Exchange Hosting services for Blackberries. It also features consumer reviews of those same service providers. Additionally, the site provides daily coverage of BlackBerry news and information and publishes detailed guides for various BlackBerry applications and functions. The site aims to cater to all BlackBerry users and those researching the possibility of joining the ranks of Blackberry Geeks.
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    LOL BerryMan, your a BB news hound just like me!!
    11-27-07 06:58 AM
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    So has anyone checked the site out? How is it?

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    This new Blackberry site in a way compliments Crackberry.com - it's focus is slightly different.

    If maintained up-to-date, the multiple Provider Reviews can be very useful. I like the idea of posting video based "How to's" and reviews of new Blackberry software too. User posts can be made, though it does not look very inviting to do so. I would be surprised if the site receives many posts in it's present form. Overall the site looks very business like, though a little bland/boring in design.

    No purchases can be made from the site.
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    Hey guys... I'm from BBGeeks.com. It is *always good to know the competition ;-)

    We actually had been in contact with the crackberry.com staff while we were still in beta launch. There are definitely a few differences - with a major one being the forums on the crackberry side and the reviews on ours. We have no intention of launching forums on the bbgeeks.com website - we figure between crackberry.com and blackberryforums.com, that is pretty well covered. The press release pretty much nailed the decision to open the site... when we opened our new Canadian office, I had a hard time finding reviews on the providers locally before entering into the contracts (Bell vs. Rogers vs. Telus, etc) and since we owned some previous review sites in other sectors, we decided to create the resource since we had the methodology and programming in place to do it.

    >>>User posts can be made, though it does not look very inviting to do so. I would be surprised if the site receives many posts in it's present form.

    Believe it or not, the reviews will definitely come. One of its sister sites, also in the telecom arena has over 1000 user generated reviews in the year its been able to receive them. BB Geeks itself already has 16 consumer generated reviews and is less than a month old and we've yet to start any heavy promotion. I invite anyone with experience with the providers themselves or the hosted exchange providers to leave reviews. I think we all appreciate the help before we enter into lengthy contracts or pay setup fees with hosted Blackberry services.

    >>>If maintained up-to-date, the multiple Provider Reviews can be very useful

    We definitely will keep it up to date. On sister sites, the reviews are checked once a month for accuracy as a matter of procedure and obviously, when we see news about important features, we'll update it right away if its monthly date has yet to hit.

    And we love our design! But then, I'm not known for crazy fonts or graphics (and I ultimately approve or disprove the design - our designer swore I didn't realize any other font but arial existed until six months ago haha). We look forward to being contributing members of the BB community, to getting suggestions from it for the site as well and to working with crackberry.com any time we can.

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    bbrae - Haha, nice post. I wish you and your team success. Your web site certainly holds promise.

    PS. As agreed, I will pass by to collect my commission for promoting your site within such a "target rich environment"
    11-27-07 11:22 AM
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    LOL, trying to get me banned on day one? hahaha
    11-27-07 11:46 AM
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    Thanks for the clarificaton.
    11-27-07 09:26 PM