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    Face recognition has been in there since the first 10.2.1 leak...
    High speed video capturing? Impossible as it requires a specific camera in order to capture at high speed. What's more likely is a new camera app or new setting that allows to manually set the FPS on your captured video making it appear to be slow motion.
    Regardless, it will never be high speed video capturing as the camera on the Z10/Z30 isn't equipped for it. At best it will be a shooting mode that captures video and immediately processes it altering the FPS.

    That being said, I love that they're calling it high speed video capturing. Finally, marketing is stepping up. This is a good move.
    People who break down phones to their base parts have stated that the hardware used is capable of up to 60fps so they will be able to introduce high-speed video.....but not not at the 120fps that the iPhone 5s has

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    None of this is true. This is NOT how BlackBerry operates.

    We have already seen the features in 10.2.1 and what you have seen is what you are getting. The early builds contains the changes and the higher builds contain bug fixes and nothing more. There will never be new features added in into the higher builds in case it breaks something and it would be too difficult to push out a quick fix through carriers as they have to test etc which can take weeks to months.
    All of the new shooting modes mentioned by BBin have existed in all the 10.2.1 leaked builds (even the one that came out B4 10.2) However the features have always been disabled. You can see the files, but the interface to select them hasn't been there.

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