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    My biggest criticism is that consumers will be completely confused regarding the product being advertised. It's only evident to us because we are technophiles on a Blackberry fan site stating that this is a commercial for Blackberry.

    BBM is mentioned passingly and it is a wrongful assumption that most consumers will know what "BBM" is from the quick mention in the beginning of the commercial. Furthermore, apps are non-physical products and it needs to be made clear throughout that the actor is talking about an app.
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    If you're talking about the ad I'm thinking of the "two teenage boys" you're referring to are Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, who do voiceovers in the latest iPhone ads.

    ETA: On further reflection, Fallon and JT would likely take that as a compliment...
    Ha! I had no idea it was them. Just goes to show - they sound like a couple of teenagers. Not necessarily that their voices sound young, but the intellectual level of the conversation.

    Yes, the squealing women are in a Sprint ad that's pushing Apple. Would Apple have to approve a carrier ad that promotes their phones? Because that ad makes me reach for the mute button. The last thing I want is to be associated with whatever the ad is selling - Sprint OR Apple.

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    It's a crap advert all around, the business scenario doesn't make sense, it would be better to apologise for the BBM sent in error then to show your boss that you sent him a message and then you retracted it, he's gonna wonder why? Did you write something in anger and you then retracted it?

    Second scenario is just as bad, you now can't trust your girlfriend with sending her a funny face? What kind of example is that setting? You can't trust your other half?

    Bad bad bad all around.
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    11-03-14 04:26 AM
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    Why so much hate?

    While BlackBerry hardware is focusing on business users, BBM is operating independently and has deliberately been pushed as a consumer brand/service.

    The first scenario would not result in the boss being all paranoid, unless the boss is an id**t, in which case you have other problems. All you have to say is,.. "it was meant for my wife/son/daughter" and that's it. If your boss really thinks you would be sending him angry tirades over BBM then there's not much trust there and you probably should send them to him/her and find another job.

    The second scenario can be easily viewed as (1) completely playful flirting with your significant other (does that need a practical justification? If so,.. then I feel sorry for him/her), and (2) you want to make sure that the picture can only be seen on her device by her during this short period of mutual playfulness. If she unlocks her device later within a group of colleagues and the BBM chat happens to be open, she will avoid that awkward moment when you plug in your laptop to the projector and everyone sees your cat wallpaper.

    In any case,... I will likely never use these features since the only real boss I have is my wife and she would hunt me down to see "what I retracted" and "that picture that disappeared".

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    The ad probably should have focused on one feature rather than two. That would have made it shorter. The takeaway should be that BlackBerry is finally taking the quality of their advertising material seriously.

    In just a year and a half, they've come along way since spots with exploding multicolored dust or an empty rolling skateboard.
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