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    BerryReview has some more info from the globeandmail.
    It seems that founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis and founder Doug Fregin hired Goldman Sachs as advisors to put together a takeover deal with Cerberus Capital Management that was Highly conditional and was rejected by the board. Watsa told G&M that Mike is a good friend but Mike wanted to go at this on his own. Wed have been happy to work with Mike, but he wanted to do this on his own. Watsa also claims that TH was the one who decided it was time that he left.

    Never asked former CEO Heins to leave BlackBerry, Watsa says - The Globe and Mail

    I agree that It would be hard to have someone stay at the company after they have been replaced. Operationally I think TH did a great job, & I'm sorry to see him leave. BUT it looks like Chen has the experience to take BlackBerry out of this current mess & so I'm hopefully optimistic that things will turn around under his leadership.....
    11-11-13 06:40 PM
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    I feel a bit sorry for him. He did the best he could being dealt one hell of a bad hand. That said things change. He was a hardware guy (apparently) and the new guy is a software guy (apparently)

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    11-11-13 06:53 PM
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    11-11-13 06:54 PM

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