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    Ok...so ya ever been out somewheres with friends or family, all of a sudden you get a song stuck in your head and ya can't remember the name of it for the life of ya....or maybe a discussion takes place regarding a movie that NO ONE remembers the name of...It's times like this that a mobile music and movie database (Imdb.com anyone?) would come in handy...Well the good folks over @ MetaJam.mobi, have just the fix for you, it's a movie and music database formatted for mobile devices, their has been lots of sites out there that claim to work in the way MetaJam.mobi does, but none live up to it like these guys...simply awesome.

    12-04-07 09:38 AM
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    Sweet, thanks!

    12-04-07 09:48 AM
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    Great find! Thanks.
    12-04-07 10:01 AM
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    Indeed, great find. Thanks for sharing.

    12-04-07 11:51 AM
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    This is awesome! As we all know, memory is one of the first things to go, right after...well...never mind.
    12-04-07 12:42 PM
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    BTW: BgDM those are seriously large glasses you are wear Inbuild solar panels? (you know I'm just joking)
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    12-06-07 01:27 AM