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    Never mind , for those who can't get in on their site on a PC, you can go into blackberry setup on your phone, go to personnel email set up and have the service books sent to the phone just by clicking on "send service books". I did it, and in 5 min i was getting HTML emails.
    I figured this out on my own in seconds and I'm new to the BB....

    Cannot believe people are making this so hard! lol

    However, the images in the HTML emails are not showing up for me...the place for them is there, just no actual image.

    Yes I have set it up on my options to automatically download images.

    In order for me to see the images, i have to go to menu key and "get images"....

    I'm using

    EDIT: From RIM: Note: For security reasons, externally linked images must be manually retrieved using the menu key.
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    Anyone know how to upgrade a Curve 8310 on AT&T to OS 4.5 using a Mac?

    Any help is appreciated.
    Two options, install Windows on your MAC or find someone who will let you install the BB stuff on their computer. I run Windows in Parallels just for this. Lame, expensive and a waste of my system resources but it works.
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    I seem to be stumped on this BIS upgrade.

    I've got running on my att 8310 curve & have re-sent my service books, and I'm getting HTML email - ONLY ON MY HOTMAIL account.

    I Sent a test HTML email from my Yahoo! account to all of my other accounts:

    Only the Hotmail account received the email as HTML (with a few minor errors-fonts not formatted completely & a couple of smilies missing-nothing major)

    Question is, am I missing something on my other email accounts?
    I have went into my blackberry options and selected YES to enble HTML on all accounts & have also selected YES to download images automatically.

    I have searched the forums, and other websites, but haven't found anything on this.

    I think I must not be doing something correctly.

    I have re-sent service books, and have deleted & recreated all accounts except the blackberry.net.

    I have pulled the battery 3x.

    I seem to have all of the 2.5 BIS features, but for some reason only Hotmail is receiving emails in HTML.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
    I read crackberry.com forums daily and always learn something new, not necessarily about blackberries - that's a good thing.

    This is a great group of people on these forums!

    You need to enable HTML view under the Options>Email Settings> for each account.
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