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    Or they could just back up on an SD card. Then they would just have to worry about making sure nobody gets their hands on the card. They could also use USB host to back up on a flash drive or external drive. They certainty wouldn't "have" to use any third party app unless being kind of dumb while backing up their photos was a must for them. Putting lewd photos in the hands of another company and their servers is always a bad idea. In fact putting anything of importance on their servers is kind of dumb. Apple just made a big mistake allowing unlimited password attempts and what he could have said is that no other company would have made that same mistake.

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    I agree Apple made some mistakes.... ones I bet they can change and further improve their product.

    OTA Backups are very "cool" and convenient... you don't have to think about doing a manual backup. You can travel and live your life and not have to worry if you drop your phone in the ocean or lose it in a snow bank.... that you'll loses everything. iCloud provides a service that many see a value in!

    I use OneDrive and that along with having my contacts all synced to my outlook.com account.. gives me some of what iCloud offers. But it is not a totally secure option, but as I said before... BlackBerry doesn't offer a secure option to do the things iCloud provides.
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