10-27-14 08:26 PM
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    I don't blame him. Remember what happened the last time this enterprise focused company got sucked in to the consumer market place? RIM was too eager to have the device sales but too slow to react to the consumer market place. I am sure that BB is happy to be selling phones but if you can believe them, they say they don't want to sell them to the masses. The success of the Passport is most certainly like walking the knives edge.
    I can almost certainly say that the majority of the Passports sold to date have not gone to medium/large enterprise customers, the market that BB is now focused on. Fingers crossed for good things!!
    Nice Display pic! LOL
    10-25-14 06:47 AM
  2. c_legaspi's Avatar
    Happy with shorttage... that's just dumb and missing an opportunity for a sale

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    10-27-14 12:49 PM
  3. tchocky77's Avatar
    Sold 200k within what? 24 hours. Dude you are trying too hard. The earlier it gets into your skull that BlackBerry is not trying to compete with the big boys, the earlier you can comprehend

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    This is important. Blackberry (RIM) played in that league and was destroyed. For the good of the company, and its users, they need to remain within their niche. Small production runs are going to be the way they do business from now on. The Passport is an impressive device for the segment its marketed to.
    10-27-14 07:18 PM
  4. Bluenoser63's Avatar
    Wow. Really? Sorry where I live ALL GSM carriers signals suck or non existent. So I should leave what works???? For something that doesn't?
    Where do you live?
    10-27-14 07:20 PM
  5. valleyag's Avatar
    I believe the shortage was good at the beginning however we have only gotten 4 out of the eight that we ordered. After a while all the hoop law and excitement goes away. People including myself soon get tired of it being on backorder or waiting long periods for the ones that they ordered. However it is a great device and by far my favorite phone ever. It truly is a great device and worth the wait.

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    10-27-14 07:27 PM
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    Happy with shorttage... that's just dumb and missing an opportunity for a sale

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    Everybody that wishes to buy one will get one. I don't believe even one person who wants a passport will pass it up for another standard narrow phone because they can't wait 2-3 weeks for their shipment to arrive.

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    10-27-14 07:39 PM
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    Anyone that understands supply chain knows they are running a pull system. Which means they are only ordering according to demand. This means they don't get stuck with unsold units yes they miss some opportunities to sell for those that can't wait but it also will assure no huge write downs which at this point they can't afford. They also do create backorders which are pretty much assured sales. So for anyone crying about availability you are out to lunch on how these current supply chains work. Supply and demand. They would rather be short on units then over and trying to sell units with no demand.

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    10-27-14 08:26 PM
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