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    I found this interview interesting.

    You can read the full article here: Salvare BlackBerry: la mission impossible di mister Chen | Mal di Tech but i have translated the most important parts (for those who are not that fluent in Italian )

    Chen, interviewed on the future of BlackBerry, delineates his view on how to bring BlackBerry back to profitability.

    He says: "during the first month in the position of CEO I have installed new persons in key roles in order to have a new leadership that is compact, quick to answer the market changes and effective in taking decisions. I need also a leadership able to assuming responsibilities.... We are focusing where we are stronger: the enterprise. We need the right people and the right devices for that... i hired Ron Louks that i think is the proper person "

    Chen lists what he considers the strongest points of BlackBerry: "No debt, knowledge of the secure mobile technology, BBM, QNX and 44 thousand patents.
    Keyboard is also another (of course) iconic symbol of the brand and he hints to the fact that BlackBerry will build additional keyboard devices while Foxconn will be developing touch screen phones.

    Answering the question "what did not work properly during BB10 launch" he answered that he was not there in that period and he does not know everything that happened but in his opinion even if BB10 is a great operative system was maybe not too intuitive and consumers needed to be educated to use it. He continued: "apps are important. We are beyond iOS and Android. We are working on it but we need to do more". He underlines the fact that he DOES NOT want to exit the consumer market (YESSSS!! ) and he made the agreement with Foxconn to remain there. But simultaneously he wants to rule the enterprise market: "if Samsung wants to go there with Knox it is for a reason: there is higher margin"

    He concludes repeating what his mantra will be: "we offer security, quick and proactive answers, control on every aspect of the internal communication and communication toward our clients. The action plan is made. The big picture for the next 2 year is now clear".

    I have to say I really like this guy! It really looks to have the situation under control. Markets like that and this can be really the best chance BlackBerry had in the last year to survive and (possibly) be back to its predominant role in the mobile world.
    01-09-14 05:01 PM
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    Thanks for sharing! Chen does seem to have a much approach thus far
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    01-09-14 05:08 PM
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    Translation :

    Save BlackBerry : the "mission impossible" of Mr. Chen

    John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry at CES 2014

    For many, that of John Chen has taken on an impossible mission to accomplish . BlackBerry back on track and save the Canadian company , one of the symbols of the phone and a symbol of how the rapid decline in the industry if you do not make the right steps in time. I met with Chen here in Las Vegas, 60 days after he became the new CEO Thorsten Heinst instead . The latter left the scene after a 2013 travagliatissimo for the company that was once called Rim. Canadians they placed a lot of faith in the new smartphone with the BB10 system , but had no outlet to the public ( although the system is far from contemptible ) . The last quarter BlackBerry has ended with a loss of 4.4 billion terrifying .

    The objective of Chen is clear : to bring the focus of the BlackBerry enterprise , leaving the direct challenge to Apple, Samsung , and Microsoft in the consumer sector . "In the first two months as CEO, I thought mainly to reconstruct the chain of command , to have a compact leadership , to make decisions quickly and to take responsibility . The goal is to make revenue with the area where we are stronger , the business enterprise . Obviously there are quality devices and an adequate financial structure to support the effort. But we also need the right people , who know the market. For this example, I just assumed Ron Louks , a former top manager of Sony Ericsson and HTC, which will handle the division Device Business ".

    John Chen then listed the strengths of the BlackBerry : the financial strength (the company has no debts with the banks ), know how to take care of the whole universe moving company with the maximum security ( one of the historical strengths of the BlackBerry , which not coincidentally is still used in the U.S. National Security Agency ), the messaging system Bbm , the QNX system (at the base of BB10 ) with his experience in embedded software , the 44 thousand patents.

    And then the physical keyboard, a trademark of BlackBerry , "How many of you I was using the BB Bold and I loved the keyboard. Many consumers think the same and do not update the smartphone to not lose the physical Qwerty " . Chen has signed an agreement with Foxconn , who also works for Apple, for the production of an upcoming product BB10 . No keyboard and targeted to emerging markets in countries such as Indonesia and Mexico. Coming in the next few months. " But it is said that there is a second device . It will not be Foxconn , which produces only devices without a keyboard . " And to underline the concept repeats: " I ??love keyboard ." Putting two and two is clear that the Q5 and Q10 may have an heir.

    What did not work in the recovery strategy based on BB10 , although the products themselves were not despicable ? " I was not there so I do not know all situations. But it is true , the device is very good. Perhaps one thing I can say is that there are so intuitive to the first approach . The focus on the consumer market have meant that users need to be ' educated ' to these new BlackBerry , "says Chen . Then there is the problem of apps. " Yes - he adds - are important. And it is obvious that we are behind in iOs and Android. We're working but there is something more to do. "

    All concepts to disprove the exit from the consumer market , "Do not leave the consumer market , we seek partners such as Foxconn . The focus will be on the business sector but if everyone else (like Samsung with its Knox , ed ) move towards the business is because there is a reason . There are higher margins . In the consumer sector we would need at least 10 million units sold for the year did not go to waste and the number is expected to rise. We will not play more challenging Apple or Samsung on that ground. "

    Then he repeats the cornerstones of its strategy , aimed at companies : "We offer safe , quick responses and proactive control over all aspects of communication , both internally and to customers . The action plan is outlined , the ' big picture ' for the next two years of BlackBerry is clear. "

    The goal is to return to profit in 2016. The dream of Chen , who was born 58 years ago in the then British colony Hong Kong but came to the U.S. as a kid, is to be able to do what he did in Sybase. A software services company for the business world that went to drive in '98 when it was not worth virtually nothing and that 13 years later it was acquired for $ 5.8 billion . The area where Chen would like to move the BlackBerry is not the case , more or less , the same. The challenge , given today's market , much more complicated.

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    01-09-14 07:17 PM
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    It's seems like he has a real plan. I really like Thor but he was all show and no go.

    I like how blackberry is going to focus on the keyboard side and Foxconn is working on the touch screen and consumer side. I think he is delusion to think enterprises only want keyboards. Enterprise users are also bleed over to the consumer side which is why balance is so good. He should no lose sight of that

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    01-10-14 09:53 AM
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    Real plan from a real, seasoned ceo!

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    01-10-14 10:04 AM

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