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    What implications does this have for the upcoming android N and will this affect Blackberry in any meaningful way? Android Wars 2016: Google surrenders to Oracle as Microsoft allies with Cyanogen | ZDNet

    Sorry, I have no educated opinion on this but I was interested in hearing from people on the know.
    01-06-16 04:18 PM
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    I think it's a click bait article.

    Google has already won the battle in court with Oracle a few times over this topic. Basically, Google has developed Android so much over the years that it just happens to have evolved past what they initially utilized years ago. Java is all but dead, Android doesn't even use the Dalvik runtime anymore except in really old versions of Android, and those versions don't receive support anymore.

    As for Cyanogen, pfft... That whole organization is a mess now after they screwed the majority of contributors, and those who took it over are in a downward spiral.
    01-06-16 04:28 PM
  3. Ment's Avatar
    Oracle can't control OpenJDK. Google is welcome to fork it if Oracle decides to be heavy-handed.

    There is a good discussion in the /r/Android subreddit about it but this is the relevant part.


    For someone who was the former CTO of Mozilla he sure has a lot of misunderstandings about the switch to the OpenJDK. Let's review his errors:

    1) He thinks Android selected Harmony because of licensing. This is incorrect. There was no OpenJDK at the time so Harmony was their best option at the time.

    2) He likens OpenJDK to a prison where Oracle decides what you can do and when you can leave. He must not be aware that anyone can fork the OpenJDK. Additionally, the OpenJDK is comprised of contributions from a lot of companies including IBM, SAP, Apple, Red Hat. To insinuate that Oracle has complete control is BS. If these companies didn't like the direction the OpenJDK is heading they would fork and start their own version. LibreOffice is one example where a lot of developers didn't agree with the direction of OpenOffice.

    3) He then states that Android will now have to include the Swing UI. This is not only incorrect, but just plain ignorant. The adoption of the OpenJDK by Android does not mean they have to implement the Swing UI or any other code Google deems vestigial. Many companies that use the OpenJDK use only a fraction of it. He then states that Oracle could force Google to adopt any service or code that they please and then uses some bizarre Java push notification example to hammer in his point. Not only is this not true, but how this person became the CTO of Mozilla is equally bizarre (although, it does explain a lot).

    4) He then declares Google and the silicon vendors as the loser. This is also bizarre. He must not know about the existence of the GNU Classpath exception.
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    01-06-16 04:30 PM
  4. Ment's Avatar
    If one wants to get more into the weeds of this. There is a good blogpost by Bradley Kuhn , the author of which is deeply involved in open source and copyright issues. TL: DR the move to OpenJDK is not a problem and could even have a side-benefit for Android devs in the compatibility realm.
    01-06-16 05:25 PM

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