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    Today's Guardian newspaper has a nice article on RIM in Africa....


    Nigeria's BlackBerry addiction offers hope for Research in Motion

    A couple of choice quotes:
    ...sales assistant Remi Olajuwon explained: "The average Nigerian has a very healthy interest in status and luxury. So if somebody asks for your BlackBerry pin and you don't have one " she trailed off with a dismissive flick of her false eyelashes.
    Around one sixth of Africa's 620 million active phone subscribers come from Nigeria. Half of Nigeria's 4 million smartphone owners use BlackBerrys, and use among the wealthiest segment of society is forecast to increase sixfold by 2016.
    "There's a misconception Africans only want cheap phones [but] Nigeria is a key market for us. We're seen as an aspirational product," said RIM
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    11-15-12 05:00 AM

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