1. pineappleqwer's Avatar
    This isnt to start a flame war with users but those who simply do not think Google Play is not coming to BB10 just put your thought down here.

    This is just so when google play doesnt come to BB10 you can link to your post here saying, how you didn't believe it from the very start.
    11-11-13 11:40 AM
  2. Supa_Fly1's Avatar
    Lmao. Well it's thinking ahead. I'll stake my claim here.

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    11-11-13 11:42 AM
  3. missing_K-W's Avatar
    I'll post my support for Google Play as Lucas from n4bb.com has confirmed his Sources state that Google and blackberry are in negotiations.

    The least we will see out of this is the ability to drag and drop apk files onto bb10.

    I'm currently just unaware of the degree of access to Google apps and services. However I believe it will be quite significant

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    11-11-13 11:43 AM
  4. mkmilan's Avatar
    Wow, nothing like threads opinions based on rumors: how useless
    11-11-13 11:44 AM
  5. ibpluto's Avatar
    I'm in the doubting Thomas crowd. Hope I'm wrong. But I think there are some technical hurdles to be able to have all play store apps work, and I'm not sure how far a mainteneance release can take that.

    I think its wishful thinking at this point.
    11-11-13 11:47 AM
  6. BergerKing's Avatar
    We'll hold this in stasis, for now. Until confirmed, this is just an invitation to a food fight.
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    11-11-13 11:49 AM