10-01-13 10:34 PM
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    Data point of one, but my company just announced that our company-issued BB7OS devices would be replaced with iPhone 5s's and BlackBerrys will no longer be supported even for BYOD. I'm certain that we were one of the enterprises in that ?25,000" evaluation pool for BES10- and we just flushed it.

    We're a fortune 1000 financial services company- by no means bleeding-edge in terms of technology, but have been issuing Blackberrys to employees for nearly 10 years (I'm guessing >1000+), plus supporting BYOD for BlackBerry and iOS in recent years. That's now come to a clear end for BlackBerry.

    For my part, I had picked up a personal Q10 when it was released in June, anticipating support for BB10 shortly- and that I could take advantage of Balance to go down to carrying a single device for both work/personal use. Oh well. I'll join the ranks of those carrying both an iPhone and a Blackberry- except I'll be the only fool carrying a work iPhone and a personal Blackberry. Welcome to my version of smartphone he11! Lol.

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    10-01-13 09:44 AM
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    I just came here to see if this was posted, this isn't good, this can spread like the plague. On a positive note, nobody is ever quick to change enterprise anything, so it may just be hot air that nobody listens to. like always, wait and see.
    Its true that enterprise IT changes very slowly so I will probably still see lots of BB 7 devices during my train commute for several years to come. What this does mean though is BB10 and BES10 are pretty much dead as far as enterprise use is concerned.
    10-01-13 10:34 PM
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