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    Article from: Reuters

    EUROPE'S biggest provider of games for mobile phones, today said it is making and selling games for Research In Motion Ltd.'s BlackBerry smartphones.

    The first wave of Gameloft products available now for BlackBerry smartphones include such hit titles as: Asphalt Urban GT 2, LOST and Prince of Persia The Two Thrones.

    The games will be priced from $US5.99 to $US7.99, depending on the carrier.

    Gameloft said it would announce more BlackBerry titles at a later date.

    BlackBerry smartphones such as the Pearl and 8800 models receive e-mail and have mini keyboards and computerlike features. Those devices compete with the Treo smartphone from Palm Inc. as well as other mobile devices.

    Games have been available for RIM's 950 and 957 units.

    Electronic Arts Inc., the biggest US video game publisher, is among the companies supplying games for RIM devices.

    Research firm IDC said US mobile gaming revenue hit $US722 million in 2006.
    04-08-07 06:36 PM