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    This just in: BlackBerry has announced a new service for automakers that will let them manage and deliver ?over-the-air? (OTA) software updates to vehicles. Leveraging BlackBerry?s global and secure infrastructure, which already delivers software updates to millions of BlackBerry devices around the world, the Software Update Management for Automotive service facilitates machine-to-machine (M2M) communication between the automaker and the vehicle, allowing the automaker to easily provide software updates to vehicles in the field.

    BlackBerry is previewing the new service this week at the Telematics Detroit conference, where QNX Software Systems is also demonstrating the latest version of its QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment(more on that in my next post).

    ?BlackBerry is helping facilitate a rapid convergence between mobile computing and the auto industry as automakers seek to connect with customers wherever they may be,? said David J. Smith, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Mobile Computing at BlackBerry. ?At Telematics Detroit we are previewing how BlackBerry can help automakers connect with customers... BlackBerry?s Software Update Management for Automotive service can transform the vehicle experience by enabling automakers to deliver new, compelling capabilities to their customers, long after the initial sale.?

    More details about the BlackBerry's OTA solutions will made available in the coming months. In the meantime, check out the press release and visit www.blackberry.com/m2m.

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    09-28-13 08:34 PM
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    Looks promising!

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    09-28-13 08:50 PM
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    Nice thanks OP

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    09-28-13 08:50 PM
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    Wasn't this announced a few months ago?
    09-28-13 08:50 PM
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    Wasn't this announced a few months ago?
    Was thinking the same thing at first, but never recalled seeing that bottom link

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    09-28-13 08:53 PM
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    I think it was announced a while ago but this shows some progress and availability.

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    Coming soon.
    09-28-13 09:26 PM
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    The question is how will the vehicle manufacturers monetize this. You know that they won't be pushing out free updates. Except to maybe correct a recall issue.

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    09-28-13 10:24 PM
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    Would be a great start to also release OTA updates directly through unlocked BB10 phones.
    09-28-13 10:29 PM
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    People encounter QNX technology every day when they:
    Use Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube - QNX technology provides the software foundation for the world?s highest-capacity routers, which handle the data, voice, and video traffic for hundreds of millions of Internet users every day.
    Flip a light switch - QNX technology controls thousands of power-generation systems worldwide, from wind turbines to nuclear stations to hydroelectric plants.
    Call for help - By leveraging the unmatched reliability of QNX technology, 9 1 1 dispatch systems deliver emergency assistance 24/7, nonstop.
    Call for help on the road - The QNX-based OnStar system, deployed in dozens of car models, automatically calls for help in a crash and can even provide emergency responders with the car's exact location.
    Use green energy - QNX-based power-grid simulators help utilities integrate electricity from solar panels, wind farms, and other renewable energy sources.
    Save gas - QNX-based traffic control systems reduce fuel consumption by optimizing traffic flow, minimizing traffic jams, and reducing waits at intersections.
    Eat a jelly donut - QNX-based food inspection systems detect dangerous contaminants and can even spot items with missing ingredients, such as jelly donuts that have no jelly.
    Get a caffeine fix - Car navigation systems based on QNX technology not only provide automatic route selection and turn-by-turn directions, but can even track down the nearest coffee shop if you?re thirsting for a latt.
    Shop online - Online retailers like Amazon.com and Avnet rely on QNX-based warehouse automation systems to move massive amounts of merchandise every day.
    Watch TV - QNX technology keeps couch potatoes happy, controlling television stations, delivering cable signals, and even powering universal remotes.
    Watch an action flick - QNX technology powers motion-control systems that create some of Hollywood?s most spectacular special effects and stunts.
    Take a train - From high-speed trains to subway cars, QNX-based systems go the distance, controlling locomotives and coordinating railway traffic.
    Fly in a plane - QNX technology is at the core of pilot-training simulators and air-traffic control systems worldwide.
    Board a boat - QNX-based navigation and radar systems keep cruise ships on course by helping crews navigate through fog, bad weather, and narrow estuaries.
    Buy shoes - Footwear vendors like ASICS and Brown Shoe rely on QNX-based warehouse systems to move their products from the factory floor to the shoe store.
    Keep cool in the checkout line - QNX technology controls the HVAC systems in many of the biggest big-box stores in North America.
    Stay connected while driving - Using innovative QNX software, car infotainment systems connect seamlessly to Bluetooth phones, MP3 players, USB sticks, and a variety of other devices and services.
    Build a sundeck - Using QNX-based machine-vision systems, sawmill operators extract the maximum amount of lumber from every tree.
    Mail a letter - QNX technology helps mail-sorting machines push the performance envelope, processing up to 40,000 letters per hour.
    Visit the doctor - QNX technology brings reliability to a host of diagnostic devices, including ECG machines, angiography systems, cardiac monitors, and bone density analyzers.
    Take medicine - QNX-based vision systems scan for defects in a variety of manufactured products, from pharmaceutical blister packs to the lids of peanut butter jars.
    Get better - QNX-based cancer treatment devices use proton beams to target tumors precisely, without damaging nearby organs.
    Wash socks - A QNX-based system automatically configures control panels for washing machines and tests each panel to make sure it functions correctly.
    Breathe clean air - QNX-based building-automation systems help factories, universities, and other large facilities slash power consumption by up to 50%, reducing the amount of fossil fuels burned for electricity.
    Go to college - Students and professors worldwide use QNX technology to perform medical research, explore new forms of energy generation, and even discover new planets.
    See better - Using a QNX-based LASIK system, doctors perform bladeless laser surgery to help people reduce their dependency on glasses and contact lenses.
    Buy a book - Bookstores throughout North America rely on QNX-based point-of-sale systems to deliver highly personalized service to their customers.
    Play video poker - QNX technology powers intercasino gaming systems that can pay out multi-million-dollar winnings, with zero tolerance for error.
    Drive over a bridge - QNX technology helps reduce drawbridge congestion by controlling automated bridge raising systems.
    Go for a digital drive - QNX-based digital instrument clusters are changing the face of in-car computing, combining virtual speedometers with navigation displays, backup cameras, and other content to provide drivers with the most appropriate information for every drive mode or road condition.

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    Telematics detroit conference is in June.
    This is nearly 5 months old now.

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    09-28-13 11:22 PM
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    It's after midnight, do not feed the Gremlin.
    09-28-13 11:26 PM
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    That's pretty cool

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    09-29-13 01:21 AM
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    Insurances are already using m2m to track how you drive
    BB World is going to have a "Your Cars" category soon

    It will be easy for BB to ask for money to companies wanting to deliver their car connected app to BBW.
    09-29-13 07:51 AM
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    Telematics detroit conference is in June.
    This is nearly 5 months old now.

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    Read news today, Cerberus interested.October2

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    10-02-13 05:12 PM
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    How hard is it to pull a battery on your car?
    10-30-13 07:49 AM
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    Wow. I didn't believe anyone could ever come up with companies that were less likely to push timely OTA updates than carriers, however, I think car makers would fit the bill. First of all, I never saw a non-warranty update that they didn't want to charge for. I'm talking about a couple hundred dollars to update my nav map DVD. Second, I think update-bricked cars would be even more of a hassle to them than update-bricked phones are to carriers. Finally, just like carriers would like you to feel your phone is outdated and buy a new one, car makers are also wanting you to trade-in.

    Basically, I don't think car makers are really wanting to interact with their customers who are driving cars out of warranty unless they are coming in for some kind of service or trading-in for a new model.
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    10-30-13 07:59 AM

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