11-30-12 09:17 PM
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  1. sgt50's Avatar
    I went into C-Spire to see phones, alot of Iphone devices, NO BB devices, I asked the sales person why no BB, she stated they pulled them, I asked if they were getting the BB10, of course she stated that she did not know, so the manager comes out ad she asks him if they were going to get BB10, he stated that he did not know then stated that they (RIM) had just filed for chapter 11, I asked when, he then stated that they just got an official report, I then told him that the site that I follow (CrackBerry) has not posted anything like that today, and I just was reading about an hour before going into store and read nothing, I then told him that RIM has 2 billion in assests and no debt, why would they file for Chapter 11, no response, so as of today, if C-Spire does carry BB10 I WILL NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM BECAUSE OF UNINFORMED PEOPLE.
    11-28-12 02:02 PM
  2. 00stryder's Avatar
    Father please help them, for they know not what they do.
    11-28-12 02:09 PM
  3. AfroZepher's Avatar
    Here's hoping RIM can become more visible in the weeks leading up to the BB10 launch. . .because quite frankly the carriers won't do it for em. . .oh and OP do feel free to make a call and have a chat with costumer service and complain about how uninformed the reps are. . . maybe the'll get the facts straight why looking for more suitable work. . .
    11-28-12 02:18 PM
  4. Double_J75's Avatar
    He said it was official so there you go. Lol
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    11-28-12 02:22 PM
  5. TRlPPlN's Avatar
    gotta love it.
    11-28-12 02:26 PM
  6. RubberChicken76's Avatar
    Wow - love RIM or hate RIM, that's utterly one of the stupidest things I've ever seen.

    You didn't get his card did you? :-)
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    11-28-12 02:26 PM
  7. sgt50's Avatar
    yeah, both were officially attempting to get me to purchase a Samsung SIII too, not prudent at this juncture.

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    11-28-12 02:28 PM
  8. notfanboy's Avatar
    You should have tried to make a bet with him. That's what I like to do, when people make ridiculous assertions. Two good outcomes could happen: 1) you shut them up, or 2) you make some money.
    11-28-12 02:32 PM
  9. jenks5150's Avatar
    I would have made an enormous bet with him in regards to him being wrong.

    RIM has 2 Billion in CASH....their ASSETS are worth much, much more than that. I'm sure that 'manager' has a finance degree spewing BS like that.

    It's dumb enough that people hate RIM for absolutely no reason just because their apple fanchildren - it's even worse when some plug like that makes ridiculous and false claims about something he clearly knows nothing about.
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    11-28-12 02:52 PM
  10. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    I've just erased 14 lines of insults and rants full of anger.
    You know what, I feel better :
    1/ Because I wrote it down
    2/ Because I finally erased it

    Then, (not sure it can be translated as-is, but you'll get it, I'm sure) : "slime toad does not reach the white dove"
    Stay.calm.be.bold, they say
    11-28-12 03:13 PM
  11. SparkyBC's Avatar
    Call corporate and tell them they have idiots working at the store.. A clueless manager like that should be out of a job.
    11-28-12 03:15 PM
  12. mrfreetruth's Avatar
    Byron Capital raises target on Research in Motion to $14

    I guess Byron Capital didn't get the bankrupcy memo today ...lol
    11-28-12 03:17 PM
  13. gorang's Avatar
    Call corporate and tell them they have idiots working at the store.. A clueless manager like that should be out of a job.
    Who do you think will answer the phone lol
    Clueless in the call center/management
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    11-28-12 03:20 PM
  14. BB_Bmore's Avatar
    lol a best buy employee told me "BlackBerry went bankrupt" this was about 8 months ago
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    11-28-12 03:28 PM
  15. sunjammer's Avatar
    Any store I go that sells any kind of computing devices (when I ask about PlayBooks, etc) has been telling me RIM went bankrupt or is going bankrupt. Staples, Future Shop, Best Buy, wireless stores... even friends, and coworkers, all believe this to be true.

    RIM has a LOT of work to do to get rid of this "bankrupt" image they have.
    11-28-12 03:45 PM
  16. anon1727506's Avatar
    while people here many think it is a "silly" assumption, unfortunately most people that don't follow RIM could easily believe it. Which is in the long run a very bad thing for RIM.
    11-28-12 03:51 PM
  17. Plazmic Flame's Avatar
    BlackBerry needs to open their own stores to spread the good news. Reps everywhere else are ********.
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    11-28-12 04:02 PM
  18. dbollman423's Avatar
    As an Attorney who regularly practices bankruptcy law I want to go on the record in stating that there is absolutely no benefit in filing for bankruptcy if you have NO DEBT.

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    11-28-12 04:15 PM
  19. DavideaNY's Avatar
    DAMN!!! Someone please tell immediately Yacktman Mutual Funds what a BIG MISTAKE they made investing in a company that filed for bankruptcy!!!! Yacktman Mutual Fund Doubles Investment in RIM to 4.5% by Buying 12.2 Million Shares - BerryReview
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    11-28-12 04:32 PM
  20. greatwiseone's Avatar
    WOW. Are they talking about another "RIM"? LOL
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    11-28-12 04:40 PM
  21. ianchristie1972's Avatar
    A quick Google search for RIM Bankrupt returns a lot os speculation on if they will go bankrupt and what might happen. But the newest is Sept 25 2012. Not happening any time soon in my opinion.

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    11-28-12 04:50 PM
  22. SCrid2000's Avatar
    I heard from RIM that C-Spire filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
    11-28-12 04:53 PM
  23. 416to604's Avatar
    what that "manager" just told you is how unqualified he is.
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    11-28-12 04:56 PM
  24. rcheung135's Avatar
    The only chapter 11 is the chapter this manager skipped reading and attending class for.
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    11-28-12 05:54 PM
  25. sydsam's Avatar
    Oh c'mon guys give the poor guy a break. He is probably hearing "bb10" like 20-50 times a day from his superiors... He must have jumped to conclusions... Schoolboy error. Just 1 number wrong
    11-28-12 06:23 PM
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