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    BGR | Boy Genius Report Exclusive: BlackBerry PlayBook and smartphones to run Android apps?

    As crazy as that sounds, we have been told by multiple trusted sources that RIM is seriously considering a feature that will allow BlackBerry devices to run Android apps. Here is what we know Research In Motion has been trying to figure out the path it wants to take as far as how the existing Java environment will work on its upcoming QNX tablet and smartphones. The company has publicly stated that it is looking at getting a Java virtual machine running on the PlayBook not so much for app development going forward, but for legacy support, custom apps corporations have deployed and dont want to recreate, etc but RIM hasnt yet decided what kind of Java VM it will use. Hit the break for the rest!

    Here is the big news: we have been told RIM is very much considering the Dalvik virtual machine, and we ultimately expect the company to chose Dalvik. If that sounds familiar to you, its because its the same VM that the Android OS uses, and it would allow RIMs PlayBook and other QNX devices to run just about any application built for the Android platform.

    There are various approaches to this situation one where RIM uses the open source Dalvik VM and does not involve Google, and another (incredible) scenario where RIM and Google might reach an agreement (basically certify the device/platform) that would provide official support to Android apps on RIMs QNX-based OS, and would feature the Android Market, Googles Gmail, Maps, and other apps.

    With the bold moves RIM has taken lately QNX, the acquisition of the great UI team at The Astonishing Tribe, and possibly the ability to run any and all Android apps if the company can hang on just a little longer, it could be poised to attack the market again in a huge way.
    01-26-11 11:18 AM
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    I just got done reading this on the Blog page. RIM needs to make this happen and soon. I think this would be a hugh step for RIM and put some pressure on Apple as far as app sales go. Both of which I would love to see happen. Lets go RIM, speed up the QNX release.
    01-26-11 11:32 AM
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    If RIM and Google reach an agreement, it is a win-win situation for both, RIM wants phone business and Google wants Ad business. Of course bad for MS and Apple as it would help gain further dev support for Android community. BES/BIS/QNX/Tat at the core will differentiate RIM from gazillion other Android sweatshops.
    01-26-11 11:44 AM
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    The only question I have about RIM and Google going partners is what would happen to BB App world? If BB users have access to Android apps, would anyone still use App World? Or would BB be able to sell Android apps in App World?
    01-26-11 11:48 AM
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    01-26-11 11:58 AM