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    BlackBerry Passport: Will the Canadian company make a comeback with this newly launched phone? - The Economic Times

    "MUMBAI: When Ajay Bahl, managing partner of law firm AZB, first saw the BlackBerry Passport, the newly launched phone by the Canadian company, he knew it would be the device that would replace the BlackBerry Z30 he swore by. Not only that, he also expects many lawyers at his firm who swear by their BlackBerry phones to be early adopters of the Rs 49,900 phone as it hits the market in time for festive buying.

    "There are many of our lawyers who have stuck to their Q5 or even older phones for the keyboard, so to have a hard keyboard that is also sensitive to touch would make them jump (at the phone)," said Bahl, who along with Zia Mody and Bahram Vakil, founded one of India's leading corporate law firms.

    Dr Abhishek Puri, a senior fellow in the radiology and oncology department of Tata Memorial Hospital, said the BlackBerry Passport is a work phone -- not meant for 'instagram video shooting' or leisure use.

    He is most excited about a browser that displays genomic data, which the company showcased on the device. "The square screen and high-resolution display shows the pictures very clearly and makes it easier to identify the genetic category of a patient even without a computer," he said. Puri said the quality of CT scan images he was able to beam with the Passport on to his TV were comparable with the original.

    Professionals such as Bahl and Puri are among the target customers for BlackBerry as it seeks to reclaim its presence among business users in India's growing smartphone market, dominated by Samsung and local handset vendors .

    BlackBerry remains focussed on security, which it promises with any feature it offers, although it has opened the device up to applications from the Amazon app store, said Sunil Lalvani, Managing Director of BlackBerry India.

    BlackBerry, which suffered in the smartphone market because of a delayed Z10 launch a couple of years ago, is on a recovery path, as highlighted by the results for the three months ended August 30. While Black-Berry Passport is meant for senior executives who are savvy enough to want social media and chat as well as secure communications, its consumer-facing device, the Classic, will hit the markets later this year.

    The launch of the device ties in with the company's enterprise software service comprising of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), which can manage security and other organisational functions on the Apple, Android, Kindle and Windows platforms alike. When coupled with the BES, the Passport can offer secured BB Messenger and other social networking services."

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